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Name: Rob


Car: 1981 KE55S


Motor & Driveline: 2TG, T50, t-series diff with TRD LSD and 4.77 gears.


Suspension & Brakes: TA22 brakes (being changed) and Bilsteins


Wheels & Tyres: 14x5.5 RT142 Corona mags with either Silverstone rally tyres or Dunlop FM901 road tyres.


Interior: Gutted. 1x Velo GP90 seat, 1x Sparco sprint seat. Body deadener removed. Welded in roll cage.


Body: Seam welded. Not in great condition at the moment.


Other: 4x Cibie Super oscars. Terraphone, Terratrip.




And after last weekend....



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Name: Wayne


Car: 1979 KE55 Sedan


Motor & Driveline: Standard, 5 speed


Suspension & Brakes:Blocks at rear lowered springs at front, Sumitomo calipers up front


Wheels & Tyres: Dragway draglites, 15 inch, Falken 195/50 front, Yokohama A539 205/50 rear


Interior: All standard, Black vinyl, Standard toyota car stereo speaker grilles still in rear parcel shelf, Paseo front seats, with seatcovers (so as to not attract attention from cops), Wood grain steering wheel, Small tacho replaced standard clock


Body: Full respray standard colour 2 - pac


Other: JVC Head Deck, JBL 5 x 7's to fit in standard holes, tweeters in A - Pillars, Two 8 Inch subs in boot.







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Name: Lappy


Car: KE55E Speedway Junior Sedan


Motor & Driveline: 3K bored 60 thou, speedway camshaft, 2 1/2 inch exhaust into 1 hotdog out the side, K&N air filter, K40 gearbox , welded 4.5 diff in standard housing.


Suspension & Brakes: king spring and corolla chopped in the front and pressed rear leaves in the back, standard brakes.


Wheels & Tyres: 13 x 5.5 cheviot Hotwires, 4 different size tyres for speedway


Interior: gutted, rollcage, aluminiumseat and sheet metal dash.


Body: aluminium side panels, full fribreglass front end, sign writing, roof number.


Other: kill switch, fuel cut off tap,



the trophies won in 18 months


at the office


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Name: Fook


Car: 1975 KE35


Motor & Driveline: Smallport 4AGE, Cusco LSD, 4.77 ratio


Suspension & Brakes: Adj coilover front, Hilux/Pug disc brake front, Bluebird TRX disc rear, hydraulic handbrake


Wheels & Tyres: 14x6 Hotwires, random tyres


Interior: Welded in rollcage, OBX fixed back seats, lots of interior stripped out.


Body: Nothing special. Missing front panels at the moment due to intimate moment with guardrail


Other: Black bonnet. Yay.









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Name: Nick


Car: KE30 2 Door


Motor & Driveline: 4AGE 20V T50 Gearbox


Suspension & Brakes: RA40 struts, Brakes, 7 Leaf rear springs, whiteline rear sway bar


Wheels & Tyres: 13 x 7 spitfire 2, Toyo Proxy RA1


Interior: 2x Autotechnica fixed back fiberglass seats, stripped


Body:Resparyed some silver colour with BMW Blackish colour on the bonnet.





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