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Het, mad cars guys. Well done all of you. Love the ke 70 centre console thingy in JIP 01. Great Idea. There really is minimal space to put stuff like phone and wallet. You culd put phone in glove box but its too far away and there aint any room in the little pocket behind the gear stik. Basically all your cars though would have to be illegally loud, with straight thrus to a cannon. How do you get away with it. Oh and I will get some more pics of my KE55 on. I got some of the interior.



KE70 console is indeed a great idea, will definitely have to steal that one for myself. No real trouble with storage though, headunit in Billie is in the same place as the original radio, so there is the little storage bin underneath the fan controls for a mobile to sit, and my wallet fits perfectly in the tray behind the gear lever




As for getting away with illegally loud exhaust, I managed to get my rego re-done within the 3 months, thereby eluding a blue-slip and a trip over the pits. Noise test isn't part of the pink-slip procedure (either that or we go to a dodgy mechanic), and have never been pulled over by the cops about it either (plenty of other loud, defectable cars in Newy for the cops to ignore one 25 year old Corolla with too-wide wheels and loud exhaust)

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Car: ke38 wagon


Motor & Driveline: 2T and T50, datsun 1600 radiator, camira thermo fan,


Suspension & Brakes: cut coils front, flipped leafs rear, 2 deg - camber ,stock brakes for now


Wheels & Tyres: 13x6 dragway 4 spokes black


Interior: stripped with only ke30 front seats and a 70's racing steering wheel


Body: matte black bonnet and front area below grill, gloss black window frames, no front bumper or stone tray, twin corona headlights, cut down square headlight grill,


Other: motokhana car, JDM wagon FTW




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Name: lloyd


Car: 1978 ke55 hardtop


Motor & Driveline: 2tc with tuned length extractors, single mufler straight after the extractors into a 2 inch straight through, also has a 3tc carby. t50 cog swappa, ra23 celica t series with a 4.1 center


Suspension & Brakes: front ra23 struts, brakes, pedders comfort gas with chopped springs. rear standard ghey leafs with pedders sports ryder gas


Wheels & Tyres:depends. either 14x 6.5 globes, 13x6.5 spitfires, or 15x6 interceptors


Interior:custom dash in the making, it will have ta22 guages and will look fully hectic mait. autotecnica fibreglass fixed back race bucket. i.c.e. one pioneer head unit 2 pioner six inch 2 way speekers, one pioneer 12'' 600 watt sub and a sony xplod 500w 4 channel amp.


Body: pretty dirty, its also got some jdm/udm sr5 badges. (ebay score)


Other:ummmm its sic mait






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Name: Brad


Care: 1981 KE55 Coupe (my bad)


Motor: Stocko 4K, 5spd, thermofan


Suspension and brakes: Corona front brakes, pajero master cylinder, now sit's on old mazda 14 x 7's, new idler arm.


Interior: Civic seats, sports wheel, in dash tacho, Pioneer mp3 head unit and 6 x 9's


Part's pile to fit: Complete set of new nolathane front end bushes, SV21 camry monroe gas inserts, 20V Silvertop, stock ecu, AE71 5sp, 4.4 mazda LSD with EA rear disk brakes, trd copy ectractors, I'm so close, just need a bit more coin to get it in there now :D


Tinted windows




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