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would you like to stop being a post whore and cloging this thread, its going well but douse it realy need a comment from "URMUMISHEKTIC"? every time some one says somthing?


here here!!


he's like the judge of all corolla haha

we can see that their sweet cars..

go buy a civic and mess with velocitys' forum.

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Car: October 1980 Ke55 Sedan


Motor & Driveline: Stock as far as i know 4K-C, 4 speed, 2" Exaughst through to 2 1/2" Tip (JOY!)


Suspension & Brakes: Ride hight all stock for now (need to get an angle grinder), Brakes Stock


Wheels & Tyres: 13x6 Enkei Limited Compe Mags


Interior: Stock with Autotecnika steering wheel, "Racing" pedals, Monza Gear knob and Sexy hand me down seat covers


Body: Primer grey Bonet and pasengers front guard, Primer grey around both rear guards


Other: Kenwood Sterio with Sanyo 6x9's(WOW!!!)


This cars just screaming to be modified but as there is a little one on the way i have not got the money for it. I'm thinking something along the lines of a "Medium/ Warm" cam, extractors, Shave the back seat, Customise the interior a little (vynal door trims and such)






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Name: kuki


Car: '75 corolla SR ke35


Motor & Driveline: 3KB


Suspension & Brakes: stock!!!


Wheels & Tyres: 15" la wheel(SC schnitzer style) on 195/50 R15 tires

13" AMG mags, no tires yet


Interior: momo selm steering 13", spare luisi 12" steering


Body: KE35 body, forest green


Other: soon :D



its all here, the build up of my rolla:


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