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Jarrad, i see who know own my old ke25.

you bought it off a mate of mine who i sold it to.

very nice car.


and raven, it has early model taillights becoz i had a set collecting dust and my mate liked so we chuked them on, look alot cooler than late model taillights.


ill get around to making up a post of cars eventually.


good 2 see some fresh ke20's

cheers scott

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cheers, its all original paint. i need to touch up the pasenger door and remove a small amount of rust in the drivers guard.


i'm still undecided about the strips. it would look better without them, but i'm worried it will lift sections of paint with the removal.

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Name: Darrel Green


Car: Ke20


Motor & Driveline: JDM 4age, 5 speed


Suspension & Brakes: Stock, I could use some advise here guys *hint hint*


Wheels & Tyres: Vortex , Performance wheels. 15x6.5


Interior: Custom interior retrimmed by Bobs upholstery at Blacktown


Body: 2 door


Other: Painted by Champaign smash at Mt Druitt







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Name: Cars called 'Baito' But I'm Bretto


Car: 1971 KE20


Motor & Driveline: 4AGTE - T50 - Celica Rear end


Suspension & Brakes: RA60 stuff n front, Rears still to come


Wheels & Tyres: Shitty rims now, soon will have Superlites on there (in garage waiting)


Interior: Stock (apart from a few gauges)


Body: Flared te27 guards


Other: All rust GoNe!




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Name: Mark


Model: 1975 KE25 SR (NZ new)


Driveline: 4AGE bigport, T50, rt40 diff 8bolt


Suspension & Brakes: nolothaned but std


Wheels & Tyres: Konig Rewind 15x7 graphite, bridgestone Grid3 175/50/15


Interior: Converted black interior


Other: good for a 15.7sec 1/4


Well well plans. the driveline it has currently was whacked in whilst i was off work with a broken collarbone. drove it round for 6months till the wof ran out and have been storing it since (2001). in the mean time have been planning and collecting parts for the rest of the car. so in the build... starting from the back have bought an altezza torsen lsd which is going in a shortened down Fseries 7.5" housing with 10" solid disks. sway bar to be fitted and tramp bar and extra leaf etc. gearbox is a w57 with a home fab'd bellhousing. front struts are late nz ke70 wagon (similar or same as ae86 strut) with 10" vented dba disk conversion and custom caliper mounts etc. bought te27 steering arms to keep lock the same. engine is a blacktop 20v undergoing the twincharger treatment. so far have fitted the sc12 under the quads and sussing out the details of how it'll be setup. will be doing it in two stages, first to get it running on a lower boost with modified silvertop 20v internals.. will be concentrating on sorting out the operation of the twincharger and learning to tune via megasquirt ecu. once and hopefully when it is running smooth and reliable.. stage two is forged internals and prepping for the high boost, high hp engine along the lines of bazda's 20v turbs. but much left to do! for interior i've already swapped in the SL spec black interior and will be retrimming the seats to te27 style. dash will have the 3 gauges in heater panel but keeping the woodgrain. body wise i have to replace the panel under the heater vents so its a rather major bit of surgery. the car is very straight so worth doing. have bought some te27 replica flares from the philippines which need a little work and also a chin from rhett which could do with some strengthening. (thin fibreglass). the plan is not to do any major chassis modifications so that if i need to swap into another shell it won't be hard. the gearbox tunnel will need a couple of modifications for clearance on the W box and rear wheel arches mod for flares, also front panel with a couple holes for intercooler piping. theres more things I'm working on like rack conversion and pedal box/brake master mods but no point detailing till its done and proven to work! only started working on things again in the last month so it will be a while yet :dance: I'm aiming for 350-400hp at the fly woot







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Name: Shane


Car: 1972 KE20 bowls club daily


Motor & Driveline: 3K, Toyoglide


Suspension & Brakes: Stock


Wheels & Tyres: 12"+hubbies


Interior: Some kind of horrific brown vinyl


Body: Custom mix Candy Apple Bile Beige


Other: picked it up 2 days ago. Soon to be slammed, venetian, sheepskins, whitewalls, sunvisor, bowls hat on parcel shelf







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Car: 1974 KE25 Super Deluxe


Motor & Driveline: 3K, 4 Speed


Suspension & Brakes: Stock


Wheels & Tyres: 12"+hubbies


Interior: Brown vinyl


Body: Mustard


Other: Picked it up 2 days ago. Going to lower it, venetians, whitewalls and a sunvisor...



image001vr8.th.jpg image003ip6.th.jpg image006tj9.th.jpg image016mn8.th.jpg

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