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The japanese ECU will assume you are using the better japanese fuel i believe. i think i read somewhere that it was 100 octane.


Jamesrolla: what is the number for those pedders springs? what is the ride height like?

I had a set of new looking Pedders Ke20 lowered springs which are #2222 (which pedders website lists for my car) which i got off a wreck i bought, HOWEVER, when i took them to pedders to get installed (when i got shocks and wheel alignment), they didn't fit into either set of strut tops i had. ANYONE else had this problem? the bloke just said that ke25 and ke26 must have different struts. Is this true because i thought the '20, '25 and '26 all had the same front end.

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mines got ta22 celica front struts that have been made so that you can wind them up and down using the standard springs and seats etc, they arent really coilovers but they are like standard ones that are adjustable, i don't know the numbers of any of it, they came in the ke30 2 door i bought as a donar car for my ke20, got lots of old school performance goodies on it,

when i paint the ke20 it will probably just be a plain colour, i was also looking at a colour that came on morris minors, its a light blue colour and i think it would look bloody nice on it with the black bits,


i havnt got anymore pics of the ke20 yet, but its just an early one with the small tail lights


cheers james

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Name: Jarrad


Car: 74 KE-25 Deluxe


Motor & Driveline: 1.4 litre, weber and extractors


Suspension & Brakes: Front has king springs and disc breaks, Rear has drum breaks and cut leaf springs


Wheels & Tyres: Wheels and tires and pretty standard but i've still got the original hub caps from 1974


Interior: all the interior has been redone with blood red leather and the carpet is black, also installed red neons


Body: Flat Black, White Venisheans


Audio: four 6'' at 270 watts, two 4'' at 220watts, two 6x9'' at 500watts, 12'' 1300 watt sub, 800watt kenwood amp and a kenwood head. all the speakers are by sony







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Name: Cameron


Car: KE25 race car (brianna)


Motor & Driveline: JDM 4age (blown up and in bits), T50, KE55 borg warner, welded with 4.11's.


Suspension & Brakes:TA22 front struts and front brakes, KE55 rear brakes, custom home made leaf packs, AE86 rack


Wheels & Tyres: 13x6 hustlers for asphalt, 13x6 globes for dirt, aussport remould dirt tyres, firestones for asphalt


Interior: fixed bucket racing seats on corolla brackets, stock dash with white gauges, everything else stripped


Body: bogged to the bejesus





Car: KE25 resto car (mikala)


Motor & Driveline: stock 3k, toyoglide and jap diff with unknown ratio


Suspension & Brakes: stock suspension & steering, aftermarket front pads (everything else original)


Wheels & Tyres: 12" steelies with pov pack bike tyres. original spare tyre


Interior: everything stock, starting to get a bit tatty


Body: has had a respray which is starting to peel off, showing original paint underneath.


Other: really needs a body and interior resto, but still in great unrestored condition. celica beater :y:









Car: ke25 corolla (yet to be named)


Motor & Driveline: 3k, k40 and jap diff for now, either saab 2l turbo, 4age turbo or rover 3.5l V8, W55 and AU borg warner in future


Suspension & Brakes:stock atm not decided at this stage, AU rear brakes


Wheels & Tyres: various rims to keep it rolling atm, something BIG later on


Interior: not much atm, custom later on


Body: resto on body, maybe flares and a bit of non ricey kit later on


Other: obviously a project, if anyone has the early tail lamp surrounds for the l/h side and wants to sell, let me know!





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Name: Mark


Car: 73 KE20 SE


Motor & Driveline: 5k with mild cam, bored out, flat top pistons, shaved head, port and polished, twin webers, extractors, k50 box and standard diff


Suspension & Brakes: Pedders lowered suspension and ke30 larger front discs, rears standard


Wheels & Tyres: 13x6 Superlites and 185/60 R13 roadstones


Interior: Standard


Body: All original, rust free and straight









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Name: Ben


Car:KE 20


Motor & Driveline:CA-18 DET, garret 28GTRS turbo with a stainless high mount maifold, RB 26 injectors, mircotec mt8, 040 fuel pump, 2.5 in stainless cooler pipes, 5 speed ca box with a heavy duty clutch , shorten down XF falcon diff, 28 spline EL axels 4.11 gears, 4 pin centre with a minispool.


Suspension & Brakes:EL falcon rear brakes, getting some RA 60 celica front brakes and still getting the parts to make up some pedder coilovers and king spring leafs


Wheels & Tyres: AU falcon persuit rims still need some tyres


Interior: retrimmed standard interior, 6 point roll cage, RA23 re trimmed front seats no back seats, working on making a new dash, all guages been replaced with autometer pro series and a led shift light and mirotech handset


Body: pretty standard removed the badges little rust that i know about once i am a little closer to finishing the car i will be getting some fibreglass flares made up so i can fit some 235 in the rear.


Other: hope to have the car finished and out racing soon but i pretty much live at work and i refuse to put my car in a workshop so it makes hard. once i have my suspension sorted a tailshaft, brake booster, and some plumbing and wiring it will be ready to go. unfortunaly i am on my work computer so i have no pics on it to upload

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Name: Sam


Car: 1974 KE20


Motor & Driveline: Twin Charged 4AGZE (GT28RS + SC12)


Suspension & Brakes: Secret


Wheels & Tyres: 13 Jellybeans


Interior: Retrimed Grey (not vinal)


Body: Fully seam welded front to back, Baked 2 pak metallic dark blue with purple pearl


Other: Currently swapping bits into it from my 3rd owner granny KE20. Reclining buckets are mounted. I expect it ready for rego in 2-3 weeks.


Funny storey, I bought this KE20 years ago as a project car from a long time loving family. I stripped it and bought a 4AGZE front cut but got side tracked and put the ZE into my AE85 Trueno. Eventually I sold the engine and the KE20 to a panelbeater 3 or 4 years ago. I bought it back last week, with the ZE mounted and fresh bare metal paint job. Not long now and it will live again.





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