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Hey guys, names Mic. Relatively new here but not new to Rollas! Current ride is an Original Ke26, look in members rides for details and pics. ALso i pic up a Ke20 half completed project with a 4agze on Saturday. I did own a Ke25 with a 4age but that is gone :wink:


Model - Toyota Corolla Ke26

Year - 08/1974

Engine - 3K-H

Transmission - Manual 4 Speed

Colour - White

Interior - Black

Suspension - Stock

Wheels - Stock

Plans -Restore the old girl




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Name: Staffan


Car: 1975 Ke20


Motor & Driveline: 3K-H, 4spd


Suspension & Brakes: std


Wheels & Tyres: new Kumho´s on std 12"


Interior: original black vinyl


Body: Fair, has rust due to scandinavian climate


Other: Bought new by my mother in -76, me being the 2nd owner. Only in use june - august (summer).






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nice lookin stocker steeken.. looks very original from the pics. say are those headlight wipers factory issue over there??



Thanks! Yes, it was fitted with the wipers. Could have been specs for the scandinavian/european market..?

It´s an import from Japan btw. LHD.

The car is original more or less down to the bolt. Very, very hard to find spares up here. The fleet has

rusted away decades ago. Got me some parts from Thailand recently..


To do:

- Change alternator

- Find chrome strips for the door etc on the right hand side

- Fit 13" wheels (Minilites..?) although, as in Lithuania last summer, it´s favourable with the 12". We were nailed by the authorities

due to some illegal parking. The clamp they put on the wheel came off rather easely..




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Name: Simon


Car: 1973 Ke20


Motor & Driveline: Standard 3k, 4-Speed


Suspension & Brakes: All standard


Wheels & Tyres: Standard 12's with new Dunlop rubber with whitewalls and hubbies


Interior: Standard vinyl, might get it retrimmed soon, its abit torn up


Body: Average condition, but its only my daily driver so its good enough!


Other: Going to keep this relatively stock, ordered a grandpa style sun visor for it, and I'm gonna lower the rear, then I'm done!






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Love your car Sim, thats pretty much what mine will look like when finished later this year.


Anyway mine is


Car: 1974 KE20


driveline: 4KC with 32/36 weber, mild cam, extractors, 2 inch exhaust with twin resonators and 3 inch droopy tip. 5 speed manual with heavy duty clutch, 4.3:1 locker.


Suspension and brakes: Pedders shocks, I am actually also putting some 1.5 inch lowering blocks in the rear, standard brakes.


Wheels and tyres: right now 12x5.5 (i think) Globe rims.


Interior: Mostly standard, overrated rear seat (looking for original front seats!!), for now modified Excel front seats retrimmed in original style vinyl and cloth, standard steering wheel etc all good condition, custom centre console, 8 ball gear knob, aftermarket tacho mounted on steering coloumn, Pioneer stereo, fair dark tint (35% i think, would like to remove it and put on venetians like Sims, but for now it can stay), and of course fluffy dice.


Body: great condition, need one 20c piece of rust behind the rear wheel fixed and one small dent on the front guard, getting done in a few weeks, all original with a few stickers.


If anyone know where I can get some of those chrome side mirrors as mine has the black mirrors on the chrome stands.


Also some original front seats if anyone has any or knows of any.


And rear and side venetians (in ivory).


And the original trim rings (I already have the centre caps but would like some trim rings to finish them off.


Thanks, Ben.


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Wheels and tyres: right now 12x5.5 (i think) Globe rims, going on in a week are original black steelies with original hubbies and 155 whitewalls.


Thanks, Ben.


Hi mate, are you going to sell the Globes? :hmm:


If so, i would like to put my hand up for first bid! :wink:



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Yeah mate I will be selling the Globes, Give me an offer and When I put the stockies on you will get first bid. :wink:


Also Sim what colour silver are your grille, corners and other bits painted?? as mine are a darker grey and want to repaint them in the exact same silver.



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benzo, thanks for the kind words mate. the colour is Quick Silver. if you're doing them yourself look for that colour, or if you're getting a shop to do it for you just ask them to paint em in a high gloss silver. will probably turn out the same colour.

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