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Hey All,


Ive shamelessly flogged this from Teddy because I'm too lazy to do any work and this was requested by a member....


If you have a Ke70 KE20 or Ae71 KE25 or .... xE2x, Post some pics, and tell us a little about it !


(Copy and paste this Format, it will keep it looking nice, and easy to read)




[B]Motor & Driveline[/B]:

[B]Suspension & Brakes[/B]:

[B]Wheels & Tyres[/B]:




*Put pictures here*


Thanks Teddy! :)

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Members dont see this ad

Name: james


Car: 1971 ke20 track car project


Motor & Driveline: 2t with twin 45 webers,extractors, ke38 diff with welded centre, t50 box,


Suspension & Brakes: ta22 front struts with coilovers, pedders springs and monroe shocks


Wheels & Tyres: 13x7 spitfires


Interior: stripped with 1/2 cage


Body:lipped gaurds, no side indicators on front panels, te27 grill, modded crossmemeber to bring the motor al little bit foward from the fire wall


Other: club car, hopeing to have it going by mid next year



cheers james




no more pics untill its finished

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Name: Rob


Car: 1974 KE25 Corolla Deluxe


Motor & Driveline: Bigport 3K and 2 Speed Toyoglide :) soon to be K40


Suspension & Brakes: Standard


Wheels & Tyres: Standard 12"s


Interior: Standard Black Vinyl


Body: Reasonable, No Rust, Slight damage to rear bumper.

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Name: Mick


Car: 1974 KE25 Corolla Deluxe

Motor & Driveline: 4K with K40 Trans


Suspension & Brakes: Stock

Wheels & Tyres: Speedy Sirocco 12"x5.5 (I think)


Interior: Retrimmed Front Seats in Grey and black, original trimmed rear seat, custom fluffy carpet dash mat, which is permanently glued on.


Body: Has rust (being repaired), not as straight as I would like it, but its reasonably straight.


post-600-1165126926_thumb.jpg post-600-1165126984_thumb.jpg

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Name: a g a


Car: 1974 ke25 corolla on going project


Motor & Driveline: 4agze with T50 tranny (currently being reconditioned)


Suspension & Brakes: stock so far


Wheels & Tyres: 13 x 7 ATS, 175/50 radials


Interior: stripped (currently look for a good deal on racing seats)


Body: restored from bare metal, red


Other: flarings, complete stainless trims


so far, it's bare. all accessories (incl decent wheels) will be installed after engine transplant. i'll update these pics once everything's complete. cheers.



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Name: Colin


Car: KE20


Motor & Driveline: 5k with cam & sprinter carbs, locked diff


Suspension & Brakes: ke35 discs converted to early stud pattern. Modded crossmember for camber, cut springs


Wheels & Tyres: RX7 alloys


Interior: stripped, just front seats


Body: ordinary


Other:been used as a club car for a long time

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Car: 74 KE25


Motor & Driveline: 4AGE - T50 - standard diff ( so far )


Suspension & Brakes: standard for now


Wheels & Tyres: 17 x 7 chromies


Interior: late model jap corolla seats , retrimmed


Body: smooth


Other: currently trying to get the beast going



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Name: adam




Motor & Driveline:holden 6 turbocharged, 4 speed,ke30 cig welded locker


Suspension & Brakes:stock suspension front , airsuspensin from a commy with extra leafs rear ,brakes stock all round


Wheels & Tyres:15inch ROH


Interior:retrimmed light grey ,autometer an redline gauges in a stainless dash, RCI one piece race seats retrimmed black carpet, roof lining removed an painted in splatter spray.


Body:2 door coupe ,paint is a ford escort orange, bonnet as ned kellys helmet airbrushed with a few bullet holes.


Other:built to compete in burnouts ,an when i get a stronger diff built it will compete at the drags.





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Name: Jon


Car: 74 KE20 SE


Motor & Driveline: JDM small port 4AGE, 22 spline T50, KE55 diff


Suspension & Brakes: KE55 brakes all round, Pedders shocks and custom swaybar


Wheels & Tyres: Currently borrowing friends ET pulsar rims/ falken 195's


Interior: Recaro seats / Momo prototipo wheel, VDO gauges


Body: very good (car travelled less than 75000kms)


Other: Haltech e6x, surge tank, bosch 070 pump, extractors - 2.5" exhaust




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So what is everybody up to with their rolla's ? anybody done anything good to theirs lately ?

i'm waiting on som t3 adjustable strut tops coming from the usa , then i'm probably gonna get some coilovers (once i have got enough cash to burn).

anybody using a surge tank in their rolla ? cause i got to wire mine up soon and i was wondering what size fuse's to use for the fuel pumps , so if anybody has done this let me know what size (20a,30a,40a) you used.

Later fellas , Lindsay

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ive done the engine bay in my car and finished taking out all the sound deadner, got a new racing seat and picked up the donar car with all the engine and drivetrain etc,


anyone got a suggestion for a colour?? i was thinking about doing it in the dirty burnt orangey brown colour that ke20s came in and with black along the bottom of the boot and on the bonnet and stone tray, got my nice struts now aswell, height adjustable with pedders heavyduty springs and new monroe inserts


we need more ke20's in here, before the ke25's get us


cheers james

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Hey Lindsay, go for the coil-over sleeve kit from T3 too, as its around $280 delivered with your choice of spring rate.


I'm still waiting on work to pay me so I can sort out this 4AGE.


If i were to go for a a surge tank (which I will be doing), I'd go for nothing more than a 1.5L as I don't see you draining the surge tank that fast.



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Hey guys

yeah those t3 coilovers look pretty good aswell , i'll prob get some of those aswell .

i've already done my fuel system


i've just got too wire it up and was wondering what size fuses to use in the wiring

which 4AGE are you getting ?



Hey James , got any pics of the beast mate ? i reckon a good colour on an old 20 would be the metallic orange that was on the starlets around 2000-2001 , with a white or orange pearl would look pretty good . what struts did you get ? are they coil overs ? chuck some pics up of them if ya can aswell mate .

seeya , Lindsay

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I'm probably going for a Bigport 4AGE with JDM Ecu. (Apparently) The JDM Bigport ECU has a better tune than the ADM one (96kw vs 88kw).


Fuses for wiring, I'd think a 30amp would suffice.


I'll be asking you how you did your fuel return line later on too when I get to that point Linds.




P.S. The Noltec or Cusco kits don't even come with springs, so T3 FTW!

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