Jay Leno And The Ft-1

By B.L.Z.BUB on April 12, 2014, 12:01:39


Great looking car or concept?

Full video:


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Toyota To Stop Manufacturing In Australia In 2017

By B.L.Z.BUB on February 10, 2014, 07:22:38


I suppose we all saw it coming. And it probably doesnt affect us guys with the older cars but its still sad to see it go.
Plus side? Better imports?

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Rollaclub's Car Of The Year 2013 - Winner

By irokin on January 7, 2014, 08:04:04

Congratulations to TOMMYS Ke 11! Our first KE1x Car of the Year.


You can check out his full build thread here: http://www.rollaclub...19886-my-ke-11/

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Car Of The Year 2013 - Voting

By irokin on December 22, 2013, 11:16:25

Apologies for the lateness of the voting thread! To make up for the time lost, I'm going to extend voting through to Sunday the 5th of January.

As usual it's been a nearly impossible task to reduce the nominations down to these finalist. I'm always astounded at the quality of cars people produce. Here the are in random order:

1. 13bke26's KE26 - Thread

image image

2. ke-rolla's KE20 - Thread

image image

3. shiryo's KE30 - Thread

image image

4. Sznaps AE82 - Thread

image image

5. Kiwi-Corolla's AE101 - Thread

image image

6. TOMMYS Ke 11 - Thread

image image

Congratulations to all that were nominated. It has been absolutely brutal to come up with the final list. If any finalists would like their photo/s changed please contact me ASAP.

Good luck!

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Car Of The Year 2013 - Nominations

By irokin on December 2, 2013, 07:53:39

Its back again this year, Car of the Year 2013. Had I forgotten? No! Just trying a slightly condensed format. Rather than stretching things out over 2 months, I'm going to try condensing everything into December. Otherwise the rules are the same as previous years.

Nominations are open from now until Midnight, Saturday 14th of December.
  • The nominated cars owner should be an active member during 2013.
  • The car should have a Rides or Technical build thread which should be linked with the nomination (makes things easier for me).
  • Members may nominate their own car.
  • A cars owner may reject their nomination.
  • The car does not need to be complete (is any project car ever complete?) however it should have been on the road/track during 2013.
  • Finalists and Nominees from last year are welcome to be nominated this year provided they meet the requirements above.
  • Mods and Admins cars are eligible however this will exclude them from the shortlisting process (see below) and they may not nominate themselves.
  • Cars are more likely to be shortlisted if they're "built, not bought".
  • Any other rulings will come from myself as necessary. Just ask if you need some clarification.

From there the Mods and Admins will come up with a shortlist of around 5 cars for everyone to vote on. Voting will be up on the 16th of December and be open until midnight on the 31st of December AEST (Brisbane time) with the winner crowned on New Years Day.

Nominate away!

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