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    Such even dramatic drop in compression almost leads me think about cam timing. You definitely had the cam belt and timing marks all lined up properly? 90 psi is terrible for any engine.
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    While I was at it, I decided to fish out an intake and some wheels I've got sitting around, what you guys think?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Nearly there, battery is a bit down on charge so no start today. Finished that steering wheel too, looks mint. Repco stock this zinc stuff, so put some in the oil to help the cams bed in Beer That is all, maybe start tomorrow.
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    The missus finally out of Hospital and into rehab. One step closer......
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    Big relief to see the missus without a tube in her head today
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    Looks a bit more like a motor again! Tried to bolt the manifold on this afternoon and managed to pull a stud out of the head 🀬 will have to wait until Monday now to get a helicoil for it. Once I've done that, it's manifolds on, flywheel, clutch and gearbox and back in the car! Oh and have to change the pilot bearing as it's a bit tight and crunchy.
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    Very sorry to hear of your wife's brain bleed. Really trust you get a "Good Christmas News" that She is showing great improvement. Being Christmas, which is really for kids, & lots of fun, I can imagine, how you & your kids feel. As Dave says . . . It sucks ! I really, hope that in a couple of months, She is making a full recovery, & that you can look back at this period, as a very bad dream, in the past. I'm sure the thoughts of all of us here on Rollaclub, are with you & yours, at this time. Please yell out, if we can be of any practical assistance. "We are family",. . . . . although many of us, have never physically met. Cheers Banjo
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    Hey Chums, Bit of an update on the rolls. So I bought it earlier this year, had it running with the mighty K motor for a few months. Decided the 3k just wasn't doing anything it for me and had some spares kicking around from my Celica, figured I'd 3tc swap it... And while I was in the process a turbo and j160 6 speed would be easier to do at the time rather than down the track. So I rebuilt the 3t with stock 3tgte internals, made a manifold, tail shaft, cross member, converted it to hydraulic clutch, remote brake booster etc. Thats pretty much it for now, just been running on 7psi and having a bit of fun with it. In the process of sorting out an intercooler, before I up the boost a bit, going to run a water to air cooler on top of the rocker cover. Also have a M78 commodore diff I'm shortening at the moment for it. Cheers Jack.
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    Hi Jasper, I would strongly suggest, if you are going to head into programmable ignition, that you seriously consider another kind of trigger, rather than just using points. Points really suck, when used in this precise application. The rubbing block wears, & the cam lobes in the dizzy wear, providing slightly different timing for each trigger. Oh, & they have a habit of bouncing/oscillating at high revs. On top of that, you have to keep the points "wet", by passing a reasonable current through them. Not enough to arc, but enough to get a good clean signal. >100mA. The reason for this, is to "burn off" the very thin film of oil vapour that builds up inside the dizzy, & on the points contact surfaces. I would strongly advise using a non contact system, such as the Accuspark, or maybe a K Series electronic dizzy with VR sensor, as Dave has suggested. The only trouble with VR electronic dizzies is, that their output is dependent on RPM, and when you are cranking, the output of the trigger, is at it's lowest. VR sensor wires are also polarised. Does not work very well, if wired in reverse. There are two kinds of K Series electronic dizzies. Those with VR sensor only, & those with a VR sensor plus an in-built electronic ignitor. The model with built-in electronic ignitor is the better one, as you simply connect the output wire to a 100 ohm, 10 Watt resistor, the other end of which is connected to +12V ignition circuit. You then get a nice square 12 volt trigger pulse out of the dizzy, to feed to your ECU. Even if you can get hold of a K Series dizzy with VR sensor, but no built-in ignitor, you can grab a Bosch BIM024 module, as Dave has suggested, & attach the above mentioned 100 ohm resistor to the BIM024 coil connections. I ran one of those for several years, without issues. The advantage of the Accuspark is, that being a Hall Effect device, it gives the same output amplitude, irrespective of the RPM. All electronic programmable ignition systems, needs a MAP sensor, so you can dispense with the vacuum advance/retard device. However, you will need to dissemble the dizzy, & remove all the bob weights & springs, & then lock the shafts up, so all advance & retard, comes from the programmable ECU. The dizzy, then becomes simply a trigger device, & distributor of the HV to each spark plug. The Accuspark has another advantage, as you can use it directly to get the engine started, & then switch automatically to programmable ECU, as soon as the ignition key comes back to the "run" position. The very best K series dizzy, that I found, to create a source for electronic trigger pulses, is the 3K Denso model, with the Octane adjuster knob. This dizzy is the physically smallest of the K series dizzies. Accuspark do a module for it specifically. They are very easy to "lock up", & remove the vacuum advance unit. I actually made one up for an experiment a week ago. Took me all of 1 hour. 3mm roll pin was all I needed. Hope that assists your decision. Let us know how you are going to trigger the ECU, then I'll give you suggested options for ECU. Cheers Banjo
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    Had this car for a while now and slowly getting there. It came with the green backyard paint job, jellybeans, threaded bolts, wheel well half full of water and spaghetti wiring amoungst other stuff. Needed a bit of tidy-up. Ive had a few 4 doors over time and managed to hang onto a few bits which went into this car. I bought a written off AE82 twincam and did the conversion. I rebuilt and installed an AE86 front end still with ADM calipers. Its not quick but I like the 4AGE. Grant from NZ did the interior, He's a legend. I love the styling of 70's 2 door OZ fords, Holdens, Chargers so I like my rollas to look ADM if that makes any sense. Theres been a few guys on this site that have helped me with info and cheap parts - cheers short term plans - Dash Refurb in coming weeks new carpet I have steering issues but have parts to fix so need to sort that. Think engine mounts might need replacing (ford laser) Thinking of putting rubber bushes back in the rear suspension, rear end creeks Longer term plans - I have SSR meshies 16 x 7 fronts and 16 x 8 rears that will go on ( everyone rolls eyes but hey, its my car ). I also have some Aussie delta 13x7 that I'm refurbishing. The MK1's will go on my other Corolla. T18 diff Redo the wiring in the engine bay spare 4AGE that I will rebuild at some stage with a little more poke. I don't know much about engines so might aswell have a go and learn something new. Respray entire car, have XB side mirrors mirrors I bought to throw on at that stage if it suits.
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    Well I don't like to brag but this time I can't help myself. The Garagmahal is finally complete. Just a bit of a shack to store the Princess' rolla and all the family cars with a bit of room for a long overdue work space. No more laying in a gravel driveway swapping a gearbox for me. I am currently in the process of linning it with a bathroom and kitchen as well as living and sleeping quarters. You see fellas this time I got smart, I bought the land, I got the shed before the house so if I run out cash ooops sorry no fancy kitchen instead of too bad not enough coin for a decent shed. We will be living in it until the house is built then its mine to do with as I please. I was even thinking of getting my own project rolla as well as looking after the Princess' KE55 but we will see. #Rollahouse
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    No worries. I intend to keep the lights on for as long as humanly possible. The fact that 80%+ of our traffic comes from google these days suggests people are finding something valuable here. Things are looking pretty stable now and I blacklisted the worst offending bots that were causing significant resource consumption.
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    So I was only able to test the new cap yesterday, it was raining and I went for a slidding run, so I pushed the car a bit. So far so good, the stock expansion bottle didn't fill as it was doing before. Seems the issue really was a faulty cap.
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    New here, first post and having a little difficulty posting text. Anyway, hope you guys don't mind a van owner hanging out in here. We bought this little Liteace a few months ago, which is not a Corolla but has a 5K engine under the seats. I have been lurking here trying to learn more about this thing. It runs surprisingly well, considering what must have been a lifetime of neglect: - changed out the plugs and wires - reset the timing - removed the restrictive inlet pipe that snakes its way to the air filter all the way from the front bumper - oil and filter - have a carb rebuild kit and new manifold gaskets, waiting for a good weekend to do it Was very surprised to find points in the distributor cap, an old-school coil on the firewall, and an old-school voltage regulator under the dash. Wow. VR already went up in smoke due to some faulty wiring back by the fuel sender...that was an exciting morning... we had flames coming from underneath near the gas tank at one point. Never travel anywhere now without at least a water bottle! Plans for this van are to upgrade the alternator & distributor, source a 3-core radiator and make some changes to the aircon condenser arrangement. After that, piece together a 1.75" exhaust system from Jetex, unless you guys can recommend a more Asia-Pacific source. This is our only vehicle, and we don't exactly have an ideal place for working on the little guy, so I'm doing what I can.
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    How far are you planning to go?? Carbs, cam, compression & a porting job? It will keep up with the traffic but it will never get near 4AGE power, 8valves will never rev as easily.... Depends on your budget and what you want to do with it.
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    An interesting issue has arisen. Toyota Australia is suffering through some kind of hack, and so all their servers/email etc. is down. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. The splash page on the phone app says they "don't believe my data has been compromised" but they're not sure. As a consequence I can no longer access the Toyota Link apps in the car - such as weather, fuel finder. This intrigues me. Akio Toyoda declared that the new Corolla and Crown would be the start of a new wave of connected vehicles produced by Toyota. Toyoda's desire for Toyota to collect and presumably monetise the data my car collects, is the reason why Toyota Australia will not allow Apple Carplay to run on the head unit citing "security issues. Given that Toyota has now lost control of their servers and presumably lost control of *my* data (it's not theirs!), I'm even more annoyed that I can't instead substitute these now crippled apps for Apple Carplay. I want Spotify in-car damnit! I sent off a strongly worded email and did at least receive an apologetic reply. But zero promises. Love this car though. As the engine frees up it's getting punchier and more economical. The iMT can be a little annoying how it flares the revs taking off in first, but omg I love the rev matching downshifts.
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    " I just tested it and got 14.1 km per litre (7 litres per 100klm).ο»Ώ " Ouch- That's what the 4AGE returns running the 500km up to the Woolshed and back.. and you've got a lot more motor there!
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    "Well, Just got a call from the missus"- That's the great part.. Not only is she coming home but she's recovered enough to make phone calls.. Took months before my youngest bro could, although he recovered 100% after a time. Good news!
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    That bonnet scoop turned out great. Looks awesome on that Instagram photo. Good luck with the rwc!
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    Haven't done too much to this thing of late. Been a bit busy with other things.. Managed to get camber tops all sorted and machined the top hats to suit needle bearings for them also. Been spending time on my newest project i grabbed a while ago and finally got registered so now i should be able to get back into it. I'll upload a photo of the newest toy below
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    KE70 strut goes in the bin. Inserts are smaller than every good thing out there, you have to have ae86 struts as a minimum. AE86 suspension is completely compatible with ke70. Personally I prefer ra40 struts as they are like ae86 struts except you have a bigger bearing, and brake. You can buy Wilwood kits for ra40 strut from TTT if you want big brakes. A lot of people use xt130 strut, they are much like ra40 but without a bolt on caliper mount, its cast to the strut leg. Takes more work to modify the standard brakes, but there is a twin piston caliper on wagons or there's a Hilux 4 piston caliper that fits with Peugeot rotors if you search. This requires some machining on the end of the cast stalks. Dont use the ra60/sa63/rt142/ra65 or st141 strut its too odd for the chassis, and it can never quite feel right. You could also use any coil over that's built for ae86. If you like that low life, then look for something that's based off of ae92 length strut insert, which is the same as Tokico HTS, short stroke TRD, or the like. I personally had coil overs this short once on a previous car and I would categorise the ride quality as unsuitable for Australian roads. When I had the chance to build something for another car, I used the longer sw20 mr2 front strut insert and the HSD weld on 5kg coil over kit. Its ideal for what I wanted. Legal clearance, a safe amount of droop, and a car that can handle the bumps and potholes we have installed in our highways up here in QLD. I also used TTT needle bearing top hat spacers so that I didn't hear my springs adjust as I turned in carparks. This combined with sticky tires and a type 2 torsen lsd is a great traction setup, and I can run a height range thats anywhere from on its nuts to slightly lowered over stock. If your interests are drift. Then You would want it a lil stiffer than me, lower, with a stiff as possible rear swaybar, swap the torsen lsd for a clutch type 2 way so aggressive pedalling will equal more drift. The torsen looks for the most traction and sends power there, the 2 way more or less, once a certain power input is surpassed, will just burn 2 wheels and give you the feeling of a controllable burn on the wheels as opposed to just putting the power to the road. You might end up adding caster to make high speed initiations easier. More tyre pressure will get you sideways faster but limit your control when your there. Im rambling, damn holidays...
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    Ah that sucks, few days in the future now but i hope there has been some good news for you. Sucks this time of year, but sucks in general! As others have suggested, and it seems you are all over it. Make sure you make use of the social worker at the hospital. My wifes mother works as a social worker at one of the hospitals in Brisbane. parking vouchers and what not are given out all the time.
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    Passenger side done, I have raised this side above the floor by about an inch to try and avoid the heat from the exhaust, it runs directly under the passenger footwell. Can't have the passenger burning their feet!!
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    I assume you mean AE86?
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    I like the "S" thing. I used to he the coolest kid in school based on how many of them i had on my books. Note: Based on all other available "coolness" metrics i was right down on the coolness list.
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    I did a bit of cleaning up, on the collector area, as suggested, & although not using the tie wire, I did make a triangle, using the Bunnings stainless steel ties, which are heaps better than those supplied with the heat tape. I had so much tape left over, I even lagged the front box, just because I had it. Always hard to know how much tape you need, if you've never done it before. For those interested, I ordered 15m of 50mm wide tape. With all that pipe depicted below wrapped, with a generous overlay, I still had 4.5 meters left over. Cheers Banjo
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    nice little write up. you should start a blog! It is pretty cool how much car you can get for so little money brand new. 13:1 is fairly insane. So it is a normal H pattern manual but it has that rev matching feature? can one turn that feature off to enable full potatoes race mode requiring accurate heal toeing?
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    Cheers mate, but wheres the fun in someone else working on your project, but maybe ill take your edvice and head to he forest to drink those unicorn's blood >:) ETERNAL LFE!!!!!
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    It doesn't matter how big the radiator is the thermostat should regulate engine temp to an even 80-90 degrees at all times, so fit a thermostat as yours is faulty or missing. That will help you establish a hot running condition that is consistent and wont affect your test results. Engines wear prematurely if they never get to an even up to temp state for general use, as the pistons need to expand with the heat of the system to give ideal tolerances. Fouling plugs is usually a symptom of too much cold enrichment, a general rich state or incomplete ignition in that cylinder leaving the sooty deposits that block or insulate the spark from occurring in the correct way. So from what I can gather the issue was with cylinder 1 and now its with cylinder 4 as well. If it was a choke issue specifically you would see all cylinders affected in a similar way. Is your rotor button worn? Do you have the correct points gap? If its worse on the freeway then your issues might be being compounded by the rushing of air or the extra motion based forces that occur in this state. I once had a car cutting intermittently as I approached 100klm/hr. If I drove under 90 no issues, but if I drove over 95 I would experience misfires. I stopped on the side of the highway and saw that the wire attached to the ballast resistor was faulty, so I wandered over to a nearby house, asked for some tape, taped it on and drove home no worries. So look for loose connections in the ignition system, and check that your engine grounds and battery to body grounds are clean and well attached. I think were past expecting this to be a basic service related problem and its going to be something more obscure.
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    The main injector pump in The Girls KE70 hangs from a cut-down VL Commodore mount. Its a metal cross-piece with two detachable rubber mounts that bolt to another cross-piece, so it literally is suspended on rubber. You don't hear the pump in the car at all. The only photo is this one, not much of an illustration I'm afraid. I put the zip-ties on because I didn't trust the rubber, but if the system didn't work there would've be a lot of dead VLs on the side of the road 30years ago.. Ah- here.. http://holdenpaedia.oldholden.com/File:Fuel_pump_pressure_reg_.JPG
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    Well, this might be your last chance! Better than sex....
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    Yes, definately quieter since instant social media took off. The 'other' Newcastle.. been a while since I was down Rectory Rd. All those people with their own version of English.. Brakes & diffs- Most guys use Peugeot & Hilux, but most people add far too much unsprung weight to a light car. What are you planning to do with the car?? ..and what sort of driver are you?? If its foot flat and burnouts everywhere, then use the big stuff. If you can drive smoothly, then simplest would be AE86 front & rear. If you can't find anything, just use old Celica front ends and sort out the steering arms. If you look up 'the girls KE70' you'll see I used Diahatsu Move ventilated discs on KE70 struts. Then find a T-series rear. Upgrade to a G-series from the vans if you're keen. I'd start at big wrecking yard with a camera and a tape measure, there are some 5-link rear diffs with discs on under a lot of vans now, and they are lighter than the ute stuff. Otherwise trawl the SR20 builds on here and Toymods, at least they have done the conversion. I always wanted to put the SR20 out of my SSS into a Corolla, but it got stolen & torched.
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    Hey guys, I've been lurking here a while and finally thought it's time to post a proper thread! This story starts on the 3rd of October 2016, a day before my 16th birthday. For around 3 years I was looking for an r32 Skyline until I was convinced by my dad that a Skyline was the last car I'd want on my Ps, I knew he was right so I went on the hunt for a RWD, nice looking car that had that "cool factor" So I searched for a corolla for about a week and this popped up. Started as a full granny spec ke30, everything original and on the 3/10/16 I went to have a look. Instantly fell in love and went home very happy. Came with original papers, service history and warranty! The interior is very clean, however has the generic dash cracks. Only a few small rust spots that will be soon fixed. It also came with a welded diff, pain in the butt, I'm looking for another but finding it hard. Things I've done: - Hayashi TVRs 14x7 -7 - Michelin Energy XM2s - Tacho in clock hole - 1800w Sony subwoofer - 800w Kenwood amp - Sony Xplod 3 way speakers - JVC headunit - New coil - Refurbished the carby - And just a general tune up Things to be done: - Lowered by 2in back, 2in front. βœ“ -Fender Mirrors βœ“ - Full 2in exhaust with dual 2/2.5in blastpipes βœ“ - Full respray (paint is very poor) - Duck tail - Front splitter βœ“ - and generally just tidy it up
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    That's awesome. You shouldn't have told people about the pineapple tins. You could have started a business and retired on the proceeds! Great to hear it is running so well. As a boy, dad and I used to do an annual Melbourne - Labrador - Melbourne trip and his KE20 just ate up the kilometres along the old back route through Dubbo, Goondawindi etc. Good times
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    Well this update is hot garbage, 9gig of cache files generated overnight.
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    Hey Iroken you need to get a hard drive sitter the next time you go on holidays.
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    I’m a member at both the RAAF museum and the Australian National Aviation museum down at Moorabbin. Both are a great place to look around. The ANAM is great as you can get up close and personal with all the planes, and they have a particular interest in products of the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory. My dad was an engine fitter in the RAAF, and it’s a warm feeling being able to touch planes he personally worked on.
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    Actually Dave, there was a Railton historic racing car at Leyburn Sprints last year with a V12 Meteor or Merlin V12 engine in it. Absolutely awesome. Drinks so much juice, the owner was looking for a fuel company to sponsor him. Might be there again this year. Leyburn Sprints is on the weekend after next. Best weekend of the year ! Cheers Banjo
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    I put one a vdo one on a 4k. I don't recall having any issues. The threads are all standard sizes. Worst case you'll just have to get a threaded reducing bush. M12 to m10 or something. I only said vdo cause they are a known brand and are dirty cheap. And the gauges look fairly OEM. On my old ke70 I put the vdo temp gauge inside the cluster where the old temp gauge was. Just hacked it up and stuck it in. Looked factory. Any gauge with numbers is the go. Like banjo suggests even a $10 jobby will do! I'm a sucker for data so I always put a proper temp gauge in my old cars. Gives me something to stare at in stop start traffic.
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    Hello guys and girls. It's with sadness I login to report to you today that a few months ago I did decide it was time to sell the KE70 on and allow myself to focus on the Supra. Sadly it had remained essentially stock with 4K, chopped springs and the Nemoto Sprints I bought for it until I sold it. I had huge plans for it and would have liked to have completed them, however with 2 vehicles dedicated in Jonos name, I simply couldn't financially justify spending money on the Corolla when the Supra has been a significant money sink, however as most could imagine, an incredibly worthwhile one haha. If anyone is interested in keeping up with what's happening with the Supra, i've started a build thread over on Supraforums.com.au which can be accessed without a login here. The thread is a work in progress currently, however I have some huge plans coming to fruition in the latter part of this year, which you're all invited to be a part of the ride of. I sincerely hope everyones builds are progressing and/or completed (are they ever though) by now haha. Kind Regards, Ethan. P.S. I still love Corollas dearly and vow to return to the life one day, and when that day comes you will see me again! Haha :)
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    Mezzanine time... the sections we took off weighed a couple of hundred Kg each, and they were too wide for the door. That meant putting them inside longways, laying them on a couple of crawlers and the handtruck/engine stand, and turning them 90deg. That was the easy part! Then picking them up again and lifting them onto the posts. They went back together within a mm or two & we screwed the sections down and added the planks we'd taken off. Job finally done, a storage area with 2.2M headroom underneath ! Then the hoist could be fitted- First the pillars were stood upright, which was done by just heaving them up with the two left-handed cripples. Then lots of measuring and checking, then drilling 18mm holes for the concrete bolts. The concrete man who poured the slab was kind enough to loan us a giant drill bit and we got stuck in. The bolts torque down to 150lb-ft, and the final job was fitting the top crosspiece about 4M up. I'm back home now, ToyotaNats this weekend over Easter as a distraction, then inlaws visiting from overseas, then back up there to finish the hoist assembly and wiring. THEN start a rally car again! ...well... first some tools and jacks and parts and everything that makes a shed a workshop!
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    I like how you pounced on the 911 when he got into a moment of bother. Very nice aggressive driving.
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    Well, another trip up there.. This time the caravan was in place so we organised some poly pipe for drainage.. Except the ground is like rock and it will need digging in after some rain! We swiped a pump off a well that hadn't been used for years and hooked that up to a tank, so the van has pressurised water and someday a drainage system! A complicated brotherly swap saw us get the red AE71 back. Steve's little bro dailyed on the 4AC and he cut the rust out of the boot area, but then found other stuff to do. Into the shed with the other dozen KE70s! We needed to paint the van door before it rotted out, so we hung a temporary curtain over the doorway. Now, that morning we'd driven about the paddocks in Mao to see how many calfs had been born, and when we saw one lying flat on the ground we drove over. The one beside it got up and moved away, but this little white one stayed dead still until Steve got out and nudged it. Then, POW! it was off and running! We let it go while we checked the rest, & assumed it got back to Mum. That night stacks of moths slipped in around the tarp until Steve couldn't stand it and went to bed, listening to the wind bang the alloy bar on the awning against the van. Late at night there's an enormous "MOOO.. " at the door, so he staggers up to get a torch and there's the white calf.. Of course it took one look, realised "Arrgh, there's the human who wants to eat me", and POW, it was off again! Like a good farmer he found his shoes and some rope, and went off across the paddocks to one-handedly lasso the calf then drag it back to the right paddock half a Km away! Life's never dull at Woolshed rallying!
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    I guess the advantage is the 4age is pretty good right out thr box. An uber modified fast 4kc would sure be fun but not for everyone.
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    Next time someone complains to me about having a bad day, I will just send him a link to this thread. :) Thank you all
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    Hey Si, Can you retain the K series Corolla spigot bearing? Cheers
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