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  1. I always like having a big battery in my cars. If you ever run into carby troubles you can easily flatten a small standard battery trying to start it, or if your alternator or wiring isn't fantastic then it can give you a bit of extra juice before you go flat. It's also handy for the times you build an engine and crank it without ignition to get oil through it. I measured up the battery tray and room available in my KE30, went down to Autobarn and looked at what they had on the shelf. I went from a standard MF43 battery (238Wx138Dx186H) with 360CCA to a SuperCharge MF52 (237Wx171Dx182H) with 650CCA. Fits perfectly with a new 7" battery clamp. I started a new page on the wiki for batteries: http://www.rollaclub..._Series/Battery (inb4 someone criticises me for adding 4.5kg of sprung weight to the front of my car)
  2. My ke55 engine was knocking off chop so decided to rip it out and try to find the problem before it gets any worst. When taking off the sump this fell into the bottom and I have no idea what it's from. Anyone got some ideas before I have to go looking?
  3. Hey guys, Ive just brought a 1978 Ke 55 Coupe for $1600. I had one years ago and always wanted another one so this is my news project. Unfortunately I need a bunch of parts to get it up to scratch and I'm wondering how interchangable the parts area between the different KE models,and the Sedans/coupes/wagons. At the moment I'm focusing on the body. The parts I need are: front and rear bumper bars front and rear seats left and right wing mirrors. dash board Is it possible to take these parts from other KE models? Thanks
  4. hi guys! first time posting on the site! i need some help, i have just bought my first car, a yellow Ke55 manual and i want it to be sitting just right! i was wondering what the best set up would be for lowering it and how much it could cost me? Please help!! :)
  5. Sorry if this has been posted before but my brake booster has just carked it. Will any other brake boosters easily bolt straight in or do I need to stick to KE55? Reconditioning looks to cost around $270 (Lismore area).. Ouch.
  6. I'm still in the planning phase of what i'm going to be doing to my ke55, it's going to mainly be a street car with occasionally track time for fun. I'm thinking about putting in a half cage/harness/bucket seat. I was wondering whether people think this is actually safe in a car that will be driven on the street? as i have seen a lot of debate about it. The cage would be properly padded and harness set up correctly. Reasons for wanting the cage: -To me if wearing the harness properly and decent/proper padding on cage it seems safer in a crash (or is this not the case if not wearing a helmet) -A lot of track days i have seen need at least a half cage to take a passenger -I like the whole look of a cage and harness setup Thoughts? On a similar note, people thoughts on stitch welding the car whilst it's stripped down (safe/not safe for street car)? Cheers, Eli
  7. hey rolla group, just wondering if any one had ever changed a ke55 steering box to a rack n pinon set up out of a ke70 or any thing else about the same size ,and how easy or hard was it, and did you leave the same steering colum,
  8. Hey guys, Just wanting to get some advice regarding using velocity stacks on a 4age, whether or not this is legal/engineerable? (just running the stacks, not inside plenum) on an 4age 20v blacktop going in a ke55. (located vic) Just trying to do all my research before buying parts and before talking to an engineer. i know you have to keep all emissions gear with the engine conversion and i know i read somewhere you can have pod filter or cai but not both. Just trying to figure out what area velocity stacks fall into? Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, I recently bought a Calypso Blue KE55. All going well until brake lights stopped working. Suspected dodgy stereo install from previous owner. Fuses keep blowing as soon as I replace them. Have removed all sub and amps to isolate problem. Still blowing fuses immediately and draining battery. Suspect a voltage leak somewhere. Unplugged brake pedal switch and still measuring 12 volts across the fuse holder. Can anyone recommend a decent auto electrician (inner west / artarmon) or solution to my problem? Cheers, Tim
  10. To swap ke70 extension housing onto ke55 or vice versa is it just a straight swap of housings and it will shift fine or will there need to be adjustments to any linkages inside ?
  11. Hey i have a 1980 ke55 and want to do an engine conversion, Just wanted to get some feedback on good conversions? What engines fit the problems i could have. Ive been told by a mate to put a AE86 engine in ????? stuck >.<
  12. Hey, Just wondering what methods you guys use for flushing the entire fuel system? I've got a ke55 and the fuel has been sitting in i for quite a while.
  13. hey guys I'm new here and own a buff ke55 cs corolla could anyone tell me what the cs means and if there are any othr badges for the ke55 sedan
  14. I have a ke55 coupe (square headlight) with a 4k-c and k50 was a junior rally now my project to get back on road. I'm keeping the 4k-c and k50 for now (stupid saving for house, i want car parts) under the bonnet I can not find the the reverse light wires. I can see the reverse switch wires coming out of the box its the other side (wiring loom side) i can't seem to find. ive looked under the booster, under the car and am about to check under the carpet in the car (its dirty anyway) this has been the bane of my existence.for about 2 weeks can some one post a pic of what and where its supposed to be. I really think i may be missing a wire or a length of. thanks.
  15. Does anyone know someone in Adelaide that could fabricate some engine mounts for a ke55 ca18det or knows some one that's sells them fairly cheap thanks
  16. Ok first up, straight away, I know you forums have a search function and google works well AND people have done it in their build. I HAVE SEARCHED FOR THE LAST 4 HOURS. All I have come up with is a lot of conflicting and not very helpful info. I'm about to buy a ke30 auto (definately!). Now It has a later 3 speed which seems to be the problematic one. I have both ke55 5 speed and 4 speed but that's irrelevant. Now I know you have to cut the tunnel for the selector. Or you get a ke70 5 speed. What I want to know it what is what is the go with the xmember?? If I use the k40/50 what do I need to do? (Xmember wise) If I use a ke70 5apeed what do I need to do? Every thing is vague and only says weld it ora don't use this one or that one. I wouldn't post here if I could find it else where so any help for a struggling brother would be great! Or at least a link to somewhere that clearly points out what can't go with what and what works. I could wing it but I want to know what I'm in for... Thanks
  17. Hi, I need to replace the lower control arm bushes on a KE55. Workshops charge you a fortune to do the job. Is it really a pita for an average skilled person to do the job himself? (I am not an expert mechanic, but I replaced the rear shocks, bushes and leaf springs myself with no problems). Is it necessary to completely remove the LCA from the car? DO the old bushes came off easy? Is a press really needed to fit the new bushes, or a bolt, a pair of large washers and a bit of patience can also do the job? Any advice is really appreciated.
  18. Hi all I've got an electrical problem with my ke35 and i am in no way qualified to be able to fix it. Here's a quick run down of the car and a list of things that is happening. The car has worked 4k (Oversized pistons, Chrome Molly rings, Big end, main,and cam bearings replaced, Reground cam and cam followers, New valves and seats, Double valve springs, Not sure of comp ratio, 200psi per cylinder, Twin DCOE40 webers, 4-1 extractors, New timing chain when rebuilt, Distributer recalibrated). Also running a davies craig electric water pump and fan. When the car is on... Hazard stalk up = all indicators solid light Hazard stalk down = nothing Indicators on = nothing Headlights = blows tail fuse straight away All other electrics work fine (wipers, brake lights, heater, interior light etc..) I have just replaced the indicator/wiper cluster with this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Column-Indicator-Wiper-Switch-Toyota-Corolla-KE30-KE55-Turn-Signal-Blinker-Stalk-/400473613862?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3e166626&_uhb=1 as the original one started smoking when the headlights were on. Could this be a ground problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Help fixing it would be even better!!!!!! (i'm in north melbourne)
  19. ok just finished putting the 5k with k50 in my ke55 and surprise of all surprises it wont start. things to consider; there is fuel. jet is ok. there is spark (my heart is still going.....) cam timing is definitely right. so this leaves me at ignition timing. what i need to know is, what is the firing order (can't find it anywhere!)a link to a photo would be best! HELP need the car to run asap as it needs to go off to the shop to get an exhaust from manifold back to be made up and all tuning etc etc before i get my licence back!!!!!
  20. Hi all I'm trying to hunt down a decent bonnet and seats for my ke55 baby. Lemme know how much you want for them, thanks all!
  21. I was doing ablog but i decided to can that and put it here where it shoudl be.... Hey alll. Ive had this car for a while and have been deciding weather or not to spend time and money on it when i have a silvia that is already pretty quick. Ive finally decided to give it a crack and see how i go. Started with: 4k-c 4speed manual noisy as hell diff and gearbox electronic fuel pump Planning to build a car that will be good for motorkhanas and maybe khanacross see how it goes Gonna stick with 4k, mostly just recondition everything nothing too crazy. Mayb cam grind Have a set of extractors to fit - DONE 2" system from extractors to back - DONE Weber 32/36 - DONE Gonna run sigma LCA's - DONE Coil over sleeves at this stage standard brakes reset rear springs minor body work (not tooo concerned on making it look schmik as but that might change later) strip interior - DONE hydro handbrake - DONE welded diff - DONE k50 gearbox - DONE Modified S13 front strut brace fitted
  22. Hey guys. I recently purchased a ke55 completely stock and now I’m looking to do a few upgrades. It’s a 3 speed Auto, so i guess my first question is what type of manual gear box I could fit and how much it would cost (would need a mech to do the work). Other than going manual, what other recommendations would you suggest for increasing power/efficiency. Lastly, driving on the highway for no longer then 10 minutes and the engine went red hot. I pulled over and the radiator reservoir was bubbling. Not sure yet if it’s a thermostat issue or if the old ke isn’t supposed to run at over 90/kph, regardless, I need the car to be able to handle highway use. I appreciate any suggestions, cheers.
  23. Hey Guys, I am going to lock the diff on my ke55 via welding the diff centre. I got a spare matched diff centre and pinion. My question is, how important is it that the specific pinion and crown wheel stay together and how do you adjust the gears together if I'm going to use a different centre with the existing pinion? Havent pulled it apart yet just wanted a bit of an idea before i did it. any help would be apreciated.
  24. Hello, I posted this in my rides thread but ill put it here too, I have recently put a weber 32/36 on my 4k and fitted extractors at the same time. The carby came off a 18RG? i think. I can't get it to idle stable. It seems to be very rich at idle. Have attempted to tune according to basic settings and will continue to surge at idle and when backed off from accelerating will drop and nearly stall. I have checked: 1/ Ignition timing - 10BTDC at idle and advance is working on acceleration. 2/ used starter spray to check for air leaks, couldnt find any. when i replaced it i replaced all gaskets including manifold gasket and used aviation sealant on carby and adaptor plate gaskets 3/ Have checekd jets, it has Primary/Secondary 140/135 mains 160/175 Air 50/55 Idle 4/ it idle very well before carby swap It has an electric fuel pump fitted which worked on standard carby with no problems My questionsn are 1/ Shoud the air jets be larger on the secondary instead of mains? 2/ Do i need a fuel return line, at the moment i have blocked it and i suspect this may be a problem? The red arrow is fuel in The green arrow is blocked fuel return the blue arrow is the vac adavance hose 3/ any other suggestions? Please see youtube video of what it is doing,
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