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  1. Hello, My first post. Just wanted to say hi and ask for some advice. And show of my new ride! Rust removal! I have a lot! Best way to fix please. I have some odd areas to get to. https://www.dropbox.....59.09.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....57.47.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.03.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.27.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.40.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....54.38.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.28.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.38.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.45.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....01.13.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....01.50.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....04.07.jpg?dl=0
  2. I own a KP36 Pick up truck with a 2K engine and I was wandering if a 4K carburetor will fit. Thanks.
  3. Just wandering what tyres people have been using for drift, how long did they last?, how much power were you running?, psi?, did they delam? and were they ran backwards? (directional tyres) and of course the cost per tyre and how they performed! slippery or grippy, predictable at speeds etc. and also what front tyres do you run for a bit of grip! cheers! :dancetall: :dancetall: :dancetall:
  4. I've got a set of Ae86 struts that have been converted into coilovers but I'm not happy with the quality. Essentially I want to replace the cut and welded stock tube with a new not-welded tube with a nice new gland nut thread cut in the top (threads damaged currently). The strut tube doesn't appear to be welded to spindle casting, so I was wondering if anyone had tried removing it with a bit of heat. I'd like to know before I go ripping the suspension out of my car preferably. Thanks
  5. Hey guys , I was thinking of stretching the limits a bit and putting 15x10+0 on my ke. I know its going to need a fair bit of guard work but how many people have done this and is it just asking for trouble or does it work alright ? Thanks
  6. Hi team, I've read through a heap of forums regarding putting AE86 struts into '82 KE70 but I can't find anything definitive about the strut tops. I have a complete set of AE86 coilovers and power steering arms. I know I can't use AE86 strut tops because of castor issues, so can I just put my KE70 strut tops onto my AE86 coilovers or will that create some kind of other issues with the camber? If there happens to be a issue with the camber is there any adjustable camber tops with the correct bolt pattern and castor position that will fit the layout of '82 KE70? If I can just use my original KE70 tops that'll save bit of hassle. Cheers
  7. hey guys new member here. not realy used to forums but anyway. heres my new project. bought it from southport for $800. being that i lived in newcastle the distance was crap but it was incredibly cheap and had everything i was going to do to it already started and there so i was pretty lucky. left at about 4am on saturday morning and and arrived at soutport around 2pm to pick it up. then drove home yesterday. woke up fairly early this morning planning to get a whole lot of work done to it but the weather is pretty horrid. so i only realy got the interior stripped out. plans are for now just to get this engine in properly and running the get the tailshaft sorted. take it for a few runs with the open diff and stock suspension out at my grandparents property. then slowly start to transform it. its only gonna be a drift missile so nothing fancy. its only gotta go sideways and shred tires hahaha.
  8. Hey, I'm looking for some parts for ke70's and I'm' trying to find someone that has really good quality parts and can sell me everything on a ke70. Finding the parts I need is becomeing difficult and I would love to have some information on who has the best range of parts and where they are located. Thanks
  9. As title says, something along the line is meaning my battery isn't charging. It will drive with a jump start, but only reads around 9 on the multimeter. Brand new alternator Brand new battery Brand new terminals and wiring Brand new regulator. Yet its still doing it. This is on my 4k KE70 Panel van. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, I've got a flat front KE70 Panel Van and I'm looking to put quad lights on it. Ive heard mixed answers about wether you need to change your front panels to accommodate them. Apparently, I have the DX style front guards which people have said mean they won't fit without changing them. I apologise for my ignorance! Thanks guys, Leighton.
  11. Hey guys I've just bought a pretty straight stock 82 ke70 xx. Apart from the general fixing up of the bog and rust throughout the car I was thinking of a few little mods to do on not the biggest budget. After all the body work is finished I'd probably be respraying it at home after getting a little more experienced in painting. I'd also be aiming for some wider wheels and was looking at 15x8+0, some opinions on that would be great. Lastly the stock 4k is a little bit on the slow side, some opinions on whether the 4k is actually worth the work or something like a 4age would be more appropriate. As far as I know there is an exemption available for P plates in queensland, if anyone has had any experience with that i'd love to hear. Thanks Guys.
  12. HEY GUYS This is my first build. So please take it easy on me if i make or say somthing like a complete noob. I have been researching for a very long time nearly a year. i had a ke30 at the sart and was going do a conversion in it brought a blue 55 as a daily to drive around why i did it then for some reason i sold them both (don't ask me why :( ) after have no corolla for a few weeks i could not handle it went out and brought a white manuel ke70 with a 4k had that for a fair while got real seriouse about the conversion and decide to sell it off and try find a ae71 with a 4 ac and t50 in it so i was already half way there sold the 70 been looking for a fair while now finally found one probaly payed to much for it.. but this is the only one i found as a manual and ive been looking for a while now. only down side its un rego :( PLAN OF ATTACK pick the car up this weekend have a good look over it make a list of stuff i need to get it where i bealive it could get over the pits. take it over get that wonderful list they always give you fix those few things up and then go back. 4age time :) once i get the car rego I'm gonna get a front wheel drive toyota seca pull the 4age wiring and ecu out of that. and hopfully with out to much hasle get it runny once running I'm gonna go get it al linced then in the future when i get the dollars I'm loooking at coil over bigger brakes and turbo :) but ill need diff upgrades and all that first so I'm dreaming a lil there.. I have a fair bit of mechanil knowledge so I'm gonna go and try do it all myself whats the worst thats gonna happen?? tbh the installing the motor and all that doesnt bother me I'm just worried about the wirring to be honest read alot about it but tbh i think it sounds alot easeir then it is... ill try make weekly updates to let everyone see how my progess is going. I'm always open for info help advice or anything I'm only new to the game so any infomation is appreciated
  13. hey rolla group, just wondering if any one had ever changed a ke55 steering box to a rack n pinon set up out of a ke70 or any thing else about the same size ,and how easy or hard was it, and did you leave the same steering colum,
  14. Hey guys I'm calling on some help from some one cluey with eletrics i just purchased a ke70 with a 4ac and a t50 box in it but has no reverse lights i need to get them working to get it over the pits any help would be much appreicated thanks in advance. where do i start looking? do i just need to make a plug to go on the gear box?
  15. Hi Rollaclub members. i'm a new member here and so happy to be a part rollaclub. I got some questions since I can't find any swap of 1nz-fe into a ke-70. Need to know that if it's possible to swap it into a KE70 with a 5speed tranny which i don't know what will fit and will the engine work on a Keinhin Flat CV carby? Suggestion and link of whome did this kinda swap would be really appreciated.
  16. Hello All, My name is Mitch, I'm 22 a car salesman and qualified boilermaker. Ive owned a total of 6 ke70/ae71's. this will be my first conversion and most work will be completed by myself and a few of my mates(mechanics, auto elecs and fabby's) As you can tell by the heading I'm about to start the long process of building a 1uzfe powered KE70. the 1984 KE70 corolla S with aircon, was purchased for $1,000.00 of an elderly women who went blind and couldnt drive. She purchased it from Shepparton Toyota. where I'm currently employed as a salesman. The 1uzfe and auto cost $1000.00 n is out of a 1991 Toyota Celsior that had 130,000ks on it for when it was pulled from the bay. Ran smooth and the auto engaged perfectly. i plan on installing it in within the next 12 months and it will be driven on the road un-engineered. The motor will be running the standard ecu, it has had the aircon pump and power steering pump removed for a little more free revving. The Auto will eventually be shift kitted and a stally will be added. ill also run a conservative but hi-flowing exhaust. now the delema I am stuck with is what front suspension, brake and steering setup to run, as i want to have adjustability, cost effective replacement n upgrade parts just incase i want too attend track days and drag meets in the near future. I'm thinking of going with an s13 silvia (r31 control arms and r33 stud and brake upgrade) setup modified to suit the ke70. Most of these parts i am having a hard time sourcing.... as I'm trying to buy it as a complete package. Also thinking of going with a nissan r31 setup for the rear end with coil overs (also with r33 brake upgrade and a lsd centre) So this is my project. Alot of work i know. but thats half the fun. Let me know your thoughts and opinions as they would be appreciated...... and if any1 has any of the parts required or knows of some1 please let me know!!!! i currently own and drive a AE71 CS-X manual as my daily i also own; - 1984 KE70 Slant front 5 speed, 1.3 complete car. missing carby and rad - parts car does run minimal rust in rear gaurds i also have alot of spare doors, bonnets, boots, a diff, motor on kframe with all attached steering and suspenion brakes etc.
  17. Hey guys I was wanting to know how I go about connecting my ke70 throttle cable to the 20v throttle bodies I have on my 16v 4age. I tried to find info on this but could not find much, I know the ke70 cable is long enough to reach unlike ae71 but just wondering how to do it properly. Any help would be much appreciated.
  18. Hello everyone I buy used corolla from 1981 year. With car are some troubles but the biggest is burn oil too much than he should. So i would like to do general engine renovation. My engine is 4K, 1290cc, 60 HP. If somebody did renovation this engine or have Repair Manual please contact with me. [email protected] Best Regards
  19. ive got a 1982 ke70 and wanting to know what colour will suit it best , ive decided either a black or white (both gloss) ? opinions..
  20. To swap ke70 extension housing onto ke55 or vice versa is it just a straight swap of housings and it will shift fine or will there need to be adjustments to any linkages inside ?
  21. So since my JZX100 is still waiting on panels from Japan I snapped up this KE70 thats registered until next year. 4K-C with Aircon 5 Speed Manual Rust in boot lip, corners and a bit around front window. (Really shitty bog attempt made) Plan will be to daily the hell out of this until the Mark II is on the road and upgraded. After that will be dropping a 20V 4AGE into the car because being in Darwin, Don't need engineering to do it :D (As far as I'm aware). Soon incoming is new interior, mirrors and sound system. Also spraying some black around the windows because I want to. Good thing about not caring about the condition at the moment is I can entertain myself with small silly stuff like this and not worry about how bad it looks. A couple pics including one of the new rattle can job :)
  22. hi I'm new to the forum. i recently brought a ke70 2 dr wagon and now I'm having problems with the headlight not going. all other lights go except for the hi/low beams. ive put a multimeter over the wires at the bulb and all three wires going to the bulb has +12v. I'm really can't figure it out and ive searched for the solution but have had no luck. hope someone can help Thanks Bradley
  23. Hey guys, I've been looking around through a few threads and can't quite seem to find the answer I'm Looking for. What I want to do is convert my points ignition to an electronic one, however, in preparation for a future engine build I'm looking at doing it with MSD gear. What I'm looking at are these; http://www.msdignition.com/Products/Coils/Stock_Replacement/8203_-_Blaster_2_Coil_w/Ballast___Hardware.aspx http://www.msdignition.com/Products/Ignitions/Daily_Driver/6425_-_Digital_6AL_Ignition_Control.aspx http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/toyota-3k-4k-5k-corolla-electronic-distributor-ke10-ke20-ke30-ke55-ke70-ke38-k-/111272845830 The car has a Bosch Distributor and changing the points often is giving me the S@#$&, as the car starts to run rough. Looking through jackbyo's write up (http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/46089-how-to-install-an-electronic-distributor/) will the same instructions still apply with the gear I'm looking at? And Is there anything I'm overlooking? Excuse the noobness, I was working on EFI dunnydores before making the switch. Cheers in advance
  24. Hey, I've been hunting down a flat front conversion for weeks now, and I'm getting desperate! I have seen rrr auto parts make reproduction ke70 panel van parts, but I have been told they don't fit. anyway I can mod them to fit?
  25. Would anyone be interested in my almost finished sr20det into ke70 street legal build? Have miles of photos and am happy to answer any questions you might have.
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