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  1. Hi Guys, new to this forum. Thanks for having me. I'm moving from Qld to Syd and will bring across my KE30. Currently on full Qld rego. The car is modified with a 5K motor, K50 gearbox and diff to suit. Everything else standard. It has been engineered in Qld to be registered. However, I will need to do this again in NSW. I would like to register the car under modified historic registration with the club once in NSW. Can anyone tell me what I will need to do to have the car ready for historic rego and estimate of cost involved? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm moving from Qld to Syd and will bring across my KE30. Currently on full Qld rego. The car is modified with a 5K motor, K50 gearbox and diff to suit. Everything else standard. It has been engineered in Qld to be registered. However, I will need to do this again in NSW. I would like to register the car under modified historic registration with the club once in NSW. Can anyone tell me what I will need to do to have the car ready for historic rego and estimate of cost involved? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, I want to convert ke20 stock 1200cc engine to 5k liteace 1500cc engine. Can you list things that I supposed to retrieve and do to my ride. Well I already found the 5k 1500cc engine but its not a halfcut... Just an engine with sort of wire with it... Is this a perfect engine to do convertion on my KE20? Or do I need to add some more to make it perfect? I want to make my KE20 more silence and reliable car with efficient fuel consume... BTW, I found this engine but I haven't buy it yet because I want to learn about it and preventing from overusing my money on something that doesn't really necessary to buy... Help me to do the "list to do" guys... Need your help so much... TQ rollaclub.com
  4. Hey everyone, i have just got myself a 1982 Ke70 toyota corolla CS it has a 4k, also has a ae86 front end and ae86 rear springs and diff has been welded, pretty sure everything else is stock was just looking for a few more power/jdm mods i could do if anyone knew of any from more power to style
  5. Hi guys, I'm continuing to further modify my ke10 and have reached the stage of rim fitment. I'm after an aggressive stance and refuse to believe that 14x6 is the biggest I can go. I'm currently looking at a few options...a 15x8 +0 rear and a 15x7 +10 front. Or 14x7.5 -7 Is there anybody out there who's seen or done something similar.... Any help is appreciatedâ˜ș
  6. Hey guys!! I'm lookingto buy a new speedometer cluster for my DX Corolla. Not worried about the 'factory look' any recommendations or links to sites would be fantastic!!
  7. Hi all, This is my first post and I'm kinda new around here but I thought I'd start documenting my 1981 Toyota Corolla Ke70 build and everything else that comes along with it :wasted: So i bought my little poo brown corolla about a month or two down in Gosford (I live in Sydney) with around 69XXX genuine kms on it off some dude looking like dis, high in the air, but on stock steelies: It was in pretty good condition bar a few dings, had close to no rust, deep dish steering wheel, new alloy radiator and started and ran! Had a pretty dodgy drive back home as the thing pretty much didnt have brakes :wave: I wish I took photos of them but it was metal on metal and looked like it had been that way for a long while... Anyway got her home and did a few things like changed the sludge (oil) in the old 4K motor, did all new pads, shoes, drums etc, the rear shocks were blown so I put some cheap shit ones in to get me through, cut 2 coils out of each of the springs for dope appeal, a AJPS adjustable panhard rod and put some 13x7" shoes on her and thats how she sits up until today: Lovin the roof racks and the granny spec louvre :lovin: After installing the Ae71 Tacho Dash, I cut the dash and centre console to fit 3 52mm gauges (which I haven't gotten around to buying yet... no real point) a double din touch screen Head deck. Also installed some 4inch speakers in the front and 6x9inch speakers in the rear. Purple Haze (Y) I decided i would focus on the suspension and brake work first while i find, buy and build an engine. so i started buying and saving a fairly long list of parts so i could put everything in in one go as it is my daily driver so..... (HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK!) Anyway, heres what I've bought suspension wise so far: Suspension Parts List Weld on Coilover Sleve Kit (AJPS I believe) Cusco Camber Tops 8kg coils Bilstien dampers Ae86 Hubs and Vented and slotted rotors JDM Ae86 Callipers rebuild with all new seals and pots Braided lines XT130 LCA rebuilt with superpro bushes and new balljoints Ae86 P/S knuckles AJPS RCA's Hardrace Castor Arms TRD Ae86 18mm Rear Swaybar SRI front Strut Brace AJPS tie rod ends, rack rends, rack boots, lock spacer Every front end Superpro bush 6kg Rear coils BC racing rear spring seats (Eventually) Bilstien dampers in the rear All this shit is waiting ready to go and i can't wait to post again with some actual build photos and progress! :thumbsup: :rocknroll:
  8. I've owned my KE30 for some time now and I've noticed it burns a whole lot of oil, I've been filling it with some 10w-30 Maybe that is too thin? I'm thinking of doing a oilchange on it soon and I would like your opinion on what oil to use. Thanks :)
  9. Hey Guys, just wondering if any of you have done any coil-over/suspension upgrades in your KE30/35's that are recommended. Also wondering what amount of work would need doing putting in AE 82/92/86/101/111 coils in a KE35 as I am interested in upgrading handling and lowering the car. Thanks All.
  10. Hey RollaCLUB Fans ^_^ This is my corolla, my daily. I love this car so much its a great daily/weekend cruiser. Its running a 5k apart from that its pretty stock. This wont be a crazy build thread, prob just randoms pics n lite mods. [Old rims,old pic] I got some new rims over the last few weeks. Has nice dish too ^_^ Front: SSR Star Sharks 14x7 -2. with 165/65 tyres Rear: Enkei AP Racing 13x7 -1. with 175/70 tyres
  11. o.k. here I am, relatively new to the forum, first post. I was working for a vehicle restoration company early last year when I got offered this KE36 for sale, at the time I was 16 and although I was interested garage space at home was lacking, I joined this forumn however in the hope that one day the car would become mine and I could get some ideas, so here I am, year and a half later, about to get my p plates when I get a phone call asking me if I am still interested or she was going to the wreckers, well I couldn't let that happen could I?? $200 + $70 for a tow home and the car was in my possesion! I will try to post regularly as I move on, however garage space is tiny and I am still at school (year 12... Eeek, so time is an issue. Rear Shot? Interior, Magna/Commodore Seats? Roof Racks
  12. Hello guys! I bring you a 1974 KE20 2 door sedan all the way from Pakistan. My dad bought one of these (a four door) when I was in school but we had to sell it after a few years. Then my school buddy's dad also got one of these 2 door ones. Well at some point during that time I knew I had to get one of these. So here I was a few months back getting my daily ride checked by a mechanic and I saw this car standing a few garages away. I stopped and asked whose it was, and found out it belonged to a mechanic working there. I immediately asked if he wanted to sell, and he agreed if the the price would be right. So after bargaining for a little while we agreed upon Rs 180,000 ($1800). Here are a few pics of it when I handed it over to the bodyshop to work on the dings, dents and rust. Let me know what you think. Rust. You can see the ground through the passenger footwell!! 13 inch wheels
  13. My car has been fitted with a ae92 SX dash and it is not working correctly the main issues being: - RPM not working - When RPM is connected to the car it will not let the car start and if you have the car running and plug the rpm wire in it will stall the car. - When rpm wire connected the rear demister light will come on. I cannot find a reason for this I'm guessing it would be a wrong wire connected or the earths are not all connected. The sx cluster has been fitted to my ae92 4afc It would also help if someone has a wiring diagram for the ae92 SE 4afc and one for a SX cluster also. Anyone shed some light on this please.
  14. I'm on the hunt for some classic Corollas from the 70's, 80's and late 90's for an online commercial for Toyota Corolla. We would need your Corolla for 2 days of filming in Sydney in late November. The car will need to be driven by someone else whilst filming is taking place. Utmost care will be taken to ensure the vehicle is always looked after. The care must be in good order and registered. You will be paid for the usage of your car for 2 days. Let me know how much you would like to be paid and if you are interested I can let you know more details. Cheers Andrew 0437295643
  15. Hey guys i am new to the page and haven't got used to the tools and settings yet but here its goes i have just purchased myself a project car its a 1980 toyota corolla ke38 wagon i got it for only $975 delivered to my door i was bloody cheering its in good condition for its age its got a little bit of rust at the bottom of the Hatch but its not that bad its got the dirty old 4k motor which i definitely will be pulling out and replacing it with something better haven't decided what motor i want to put in it yet but the plans are get it nice and stiff and just learn to slide in it i am planning its going to take me around 2 years to Fully build the wagon as I am building it for my opens mean its going to be turbo"d for sure and i almost forgot i got a spare gearbox,clutch,bonnet,guards,brake booster all for the same price no extra charge here are the photos of how i received it and i will keep you guys posted every time i do something new to it hope you guys enjoy the build and feel free on giving me tips and advice its much appreciated
  16. Hey everyone I'm new to club and the whole ke corolla seen but ive just got a 1975 ke30 rolla with a 3k-h motor and i need help finding out whats wrong with the motor. The motor has a exhaust leak at the manifold, on idle it only runs on 3 cylinders (2nd from the front not firing) but when it's reving more it's firing on all 4. i have checked the spark and there is spark coming from the spark plugs but to me it doesnt look like much. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be ? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Hey everyone, I have been looking at buying an Ae112 levin front lip and may have located one, I'm just wondering what is a reasonable price to pay for it? Any chance someone on here is selling one? Thanks in advance guys.
  18. About time I put up a rides thread on my 1969 KE15 Toyota Corolla Sprinter, since its been 6 months since I bought it. The purchase came about as I had a hankering to own another classic besides the Celica, which I could put on club reg and use for the odd spot of hillclimbing, Sunday cruising etc, and be less precious about it - the Celica spends more time in the garage than it should because I am terrified someone will open their door on it in a carpark, or its raining, or the day ends in Y... etc etc. I spotted a KE15 on ebay that was a bit rough around the edges, but I figured in time with some love I could get it to fit the brief. I called the owner, and he quickly worked out who I was and that I was the silver RA23 owner. He said the blue Sprinter I was looking at was too rough for me, but he had another one (this one) that he thinks I would much prefer. He sent me some photos and he was right... I told the other half the budget for the fun car had just gone up, and promptly dashed over for a look. So I went and looked, and it was pretty. So I bought it, without a good look over I must confess, but it was too pretty not to have! That failure to give it a good look over has probably cost me a bit of money in hindsight, but I love the car so all is fair in love and car sales.... History as I know it.. bought from Tasmania 10+ years ago with plans to become a Group Nc racer, but fortunately for me that never happened. The Tasmanian owner had painted it red, from its original white, and it was a nice tidy job. Its been shed bound since that purchase 10 years ago, explaining why it still looks good. At some point it has been fitted with a stock 4K engine and 5 speed. The guy I bought it from fitted a weber 45 to it, which was clearly too big for a stock motor, so my mechanic Peter Robinson Automotive fitted a stock carby to get us up and running. I will eventually sell the 45, and try and get something more appropriate for the engine, probably a 38 or 40. It sat in Peter's workshop for a few months (like 3 months!) while I was away in Ballarat, and he gradually fixed up for me a number of deficiencies the car had. She had her public debut a week ago at TCCAV's Cars Coffee & Donuts and everyone seemed to like her very much. Photos (mostly taken by the previous owner) When I first got it home Then I found these through rollaclub Which will look even more ace when I get a better tyre size/profile on them This is her at Donuts Plans are to do some or all of the following: 1. Fit a smaller Weber 2. Fit some suspension that is more handling oriented 3. Fit semi slicks to the superlite rims as my "race rubber" 4. Maybe fit some period styled race bucket seats, and harnesses 5. Racing stripe and period style door numbers 6. Enjoy :)
  19. Hello guys and girls, i have just had my very first car delivered to me, a Toyota corolla AE112 (Conquest) It has a pretty clean, straight body and engine. So I'm wanting to keep it as a daily for as long as possible. It's currently stock as a rock and looks as if my grandma drives it. I have a few things i would like to do to it in the near future. Which brings me to my question - I am after some wheels for it but have no idea what i need to know when buying rims. It has some crappy 14" roh rims at the moment, but I'm wanting something just a tad bigger (17" maybe) Its a 2000 toyota corolla conquest. Sorry for the newbie question and for probably being in the wrong place. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi All, I drive a beautiful 1975 KE30 2door, running dedicated LPG on the stock motor with a 5speed K50 transmission. Car is a dream and a keeper, bought from a rolla club member Dale AKA doityourself on rollaclub. I have been driving the rolla for a few years now with no problems, runs beautifully and usually won't give me much starting trouble even on cold winter mornings, really reliable and well taken care of car. The praise should go to Dale (doityourself) for his beautiful work on the LPG conversion, custom exhaust and a lot more tlc. After a while the little engine can be a bit tedious and sometimes you itch for a little more excitement and oomf to match the cars personality, so on that note the time has come for a new heart... or engine, whatever you want to call it. The point of this thread really is to find the perfect Engine Conversion for me and my car. I want to make something beautiful, reliable,fairly economical, powerful, but not ridiculous. For the most part I am hoping to have JapaneseMotorsport (South Australia) handle the conversion and upgrades. I do want to one day do a project car at home by myself but this car isn't that project. This rolla is and will be my one and only daily for a long long time, I can't really see myself driving anything else. I want a professional, quality conversion and I don't trust my knowledge and skills enough to dive into an engine conversion at home. Money wise, for now lets just imagine its not an issue (of course it'll be an issue) I just really want intelligent, unique ideas, don't hold back! SO I want to make a final decision as I've been racking my brain looking and thinking about all the different engine swaps that have and haven't been done on the net. I want the overall best engine conversion for my 2door KE30 Corolla bringing these factors into thought: - Daily driver - Power, but will not be racing or drifting, just a little oomf and grunt - Sound and Looks - A big one, I DEFINITELY want to keep running dedicated LPG on the new engine I put in my rolla (don't have much info on how difficult that will be but any info would be appreciated!) - Decent-ish fuel economy - Preferably not turbo So thats about it, hopefully this sparks a good conversation over which is the overall BEST KE30 engine swap for a daily driver just looking for a better performance out of his favourite little car. Any unique conversions would be awesome, would love to do something that hasn't been done but not going to do something just because its different if its not the best choice overall. After all the reading I've done my mind at the moment sways towards a well built 20v 4age running LPG. Sorry for the long read and any dumb questions. Cheers! Joel
  21. Hey guys, I'm after some parts for my new 1984 Ke70.If anyone has these parts please get in contact because i am more than keen on these parts.I am after bumper bars for the front and back of the slant front ke70.I am also after some taillights. -Cheers.
  22. hey guys, i was wondering whats the difference between a 75 and 77 ke30 2 door? in ways of body panels, dimensions etc cheers
  23. Hi all, today i noticed something odd. my right indicator light would half light up when i braked and that with the headlights on sometimes the indicator would stick or be unresponsive. I have so far figured it has to do with my steering column. it was also messing with the right hand brake light. Has anyone had this happen before? Does anyone know what it might be? How can I fix it? Conah.
  24. Hi all, recently purchased the above vehicle and gave it a full major service including rebuilding the carby, and it ran fine for a week, but recently have gotten some gremlins. Firstly before I took it in for a service it would stall under acceleration after lagging and spluttering, and when I got it back it ran fine for about a week and has since started up again. It had trouble starting yesterday so I left it, came back in the arvo started it and let it idle awhile and all seemed normal. Then this morning started it let it warm up and then took off for work - got about halfway there and again the spluttering then dying engine and battery light coming on. Started it a few times, occaisionally would crank and crank but no power, other times it would start but as soon as I put my foot down it would hesitate and splutter again then die. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this, can anyone offer advice?? Cheers!
  25. Title says it all. What boss kit will work with my 79 corolla? Sorry if I sound ignorant, it's because I am.
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