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  1. Hi, I recently acquired a KE70 with a (I believe) 4AGE big port red and black top 16v (although not certain since rockers have been painted) with a t50 box. Problem is, reverse lights don't seem to come on, and upon inspection found nothing to be connected to the two-pronged plug thing on the gearbox. I have no idea where to get started on this problem, how to wire it up, where it should go into the loom, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  2. My fuel tank in my 1982 flat front converted ke70 panel van is F****d and i need a replacement. Does anyone have a spare or know of people putting a different one in that fits straight up or minor modification needed to make it work??? please any info would br great as I've not seen any anywhere.....
  3. Hey everyone, i have just got myself a 1982 Ke70 toyota corolla CS it has a 4k, also has a ae86 front end and ae86 rear springs and diff has been welded, pretty sure everything else is stock was just looking for a few more power/jdm mods i could do if anyone knew of any from more power to style
  4. Hey guys I need some advice on what to do because I've been having problems starting my ke70 wagon recently. It struggles to start and when it does the engine shakes , car dies and the idle is rough as hell for like a min. Also the carby has apparently been replaced along with spark plugs by the previous owner so I don't think they could be the issue.
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum let alone cars in general so i apologise in advanced if my lingo sounds bad. I'm purchasing my first ke70 as a project car, the car has a locked differential (which i assume is the same as a welded differential), obviously locked differentials are illegal in victoria however if i were to register this car how easy would it be to swap a differential to make it roadworthy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. hey everyone, so I've installed a new tacho instruments cluster into my ke70, it had the good'old quartz clock cluster, and everything works, but the fuel gauge, I don't remember if the old one worked (still have in just encase there is part failure), but I've taken out the rear tail-lights cause I'm doing rust repair, and I noticed that the fuel gauge wasn't moving and staying in the off position, when the car is running, all the other things in the cluster work cause Toyota just used a standard wiring loom for all KE70's. so the question is, does the fuel gauge wire run though the tail-lights wiring? not 100% sure. and I can't find a wiring diagram that says anything about it, so if anyone knows please let me know. I know that the loom in all together all the way to the back of the car where it splits of to the fuel pump and lights, and the lights split off the right light so does the fuel gauge work the same way. so is it a parts failure or a plug not being plugged in. I really don't want to take the cluster surround out again wiring loom split for lights (top plug) and fuel pump (bottom plug)
  7. Hey guys, ive had a look around the forum and online and can't really find an answer I removed the ignition barrel just out of curiosity and it cycled though acc-start quite easily.But when i moved the key to the :"lock" position it became fully jammed. No matter how hard i try turn it, it wont move at all and i can't reinstall it unless it's in "ACC". Do you guys have any advice that i can try to get it unstuck? cheers guys
  8. Hey guys!! I'm lookingto buy a new speedometer cluster for my DX Corolla. Not worried about the 'factory look' any recommendations or links to sites would be fantastic!!
  9. hey guys, just curious how much work is involved in swapping my 1981 ke55 rectangle headlights for quad headlights like in the ke70 corollas. i know i need lights brackets and the grille. but wondering if it will all fit. thanks in advance
  10. Hello Some time in the future, I plan to get a Corolla Ke70 as a first car. After some searching, I luckily found one swapped with a 4AG-E Blacktop. Being someone's frankenstein, many parts will definitely be refurbished or replaced with a help of a friend. But one part that concerns me the most. The T50 gearbox, as everyone knows, is fragile and ages horribly. Due to this, I want to replace it with another trans as soon as I get it. But this time, not a T50 again. I found a transmission adapter that allowed me to connect the 4AG-E to a W58 transmission. This, along with a bunch of W58 transmissions being sold for ~$480 is quite a deal. Here's the link: http://www.sq-engineering.com/4age-to-w5x-gearbox-adapter-kit.html With the introduction done, here's the actual point of this post (Ke70 questions). On a small note, I have relatively low knowledge on cars. Due to this, some of my questions may sound quite general. 1. Will I have to make any clutch mods if I were to do this W58 transmission mod? 2. How will I manage a driveshaft for a Supra gearbox and Corolla differential? Will I have to cut and wield them together? 3. If I were to get aftermarket parts (e.g. LSD, half shafts, etc.), will AE86 parts do just fine? 4. I haven't researched much, but from what I can tell, in a 4AG-E conversion for a Ke70, only the engine and gearbox is changed. The driveshaft, differential and axles are unchanged, right? 5. If - by any chance - I will have to replace the rear axle to accomodate the gearbox and driveshaft, what car's driveshaft will be compatible with the Ke70? That's my main questions so far. I'll come add more I have more questions. Thanks
  11. Hello all. Was wondering about the engine swap ideas in KE70 as it would be a daily driver. Fuel injected 7k will be a good idea in my opinion as it will be bolt on to the gear box and foundations. What suspension do you all suggest? I want height adjustment on both front and rear. because my parking lot is 3 feet higher then road. car cannot go inside being lowered. I want the most economical system for suspension. May be just air bags and a tank plus compressor just to lift the car up and then lower it by deflating the bags. kindly provide your valuable feedback. kind regards Danish
  12. Hey everyone, I've been lurking for sometime and finally decided to make an account now that I actually own a KE70. I bought this wonderful poo brown slant front off a friend for $500. It's not pretty, nor does it have an engine or much else going for it but I'm going to get it running and then daily drive it. Plans are to build it into a decent little 4K for now. Originally I had planned for a 7K but at the moment I'm going to modify the 4K. This is the journey so far; Got it, got a set of wheels for it, pulled some engines apart and decided to replace whatever I think I should to make one decent runner out of a few, new clutch and new head. I'll update the thread whenever I get something new or do something. Cheers.
  13. Name: Mitchell Car: 1982 Toyota Corolla KE70 Motor & Driveline: stock 4k-c auto, soon to be manual 4 speed Suspension & Brakes: stock Wheels & Tyres: stock Interior: Vinyl Back seats, Front Cotton ripped so got sheep skin covers on them now has bucket seat for driver and AE86 ADM passenger seat Body: got a lot of rust in the boot, and doors, swapped the front doors to AE71 doors , I think they look way better. it has only one of the original doors left Other: I got the car because it was cheep and they are easy to fix. also my Mum, Dad and Grandma, had one each all at the same time back in the 80's, so I grew up hearing about the cars. My Mum and Grandma, both had KE70 sedans and they were the light blue colour ones. They both got them the same day from the same dealership and the number plates were different by one number so my mum got the door rubber guards so they could tell them apart. My dad had the AE71 Wagon, and he told me just the other day, (these are his words not mine) "The 5 speed wagons flew, I was once going on a camping trip with your Mum, going up to Queensland, and I was going down a mountain, and there was not a single soul on the road, so I just floored it. I got pulled over doing 170 kph, and the cop said I'm not gonna give you a ticket cause no one is gonna believe me that a toyota can go that fast. I got off with a warning." XD I'm upgrading the transmission to the t-40 4 speed manual, the auto still works, but slow, the engine it self is overrated, the car is also in half good nick, lots of rust but nothing that can't be cut out or rust converter put on it. The car was owned buy a nun and a co-worker of the nun, only driven on weekends to church, got it off an old lady. comes from South Australia, Adelaide, now in Victoria Melbourne. needs a paint, the parts are all good, no dents, only rust holes, and their not visible, needs a good fix, I have a YouTube channel that I'm showing the build of it. starting to look good. https://www.youtube....prnt8QAB67Fzycw
  14. Does anyone know what these struts are from? I tried fitting them into my AE71 a while ago and the top bolts had a larger pattern and stud to the AE71. The bottom fit to the steering knuckle however it has that little extra space underneath, i don't know whether that would be an issue? Anyway i believe these may have come from a RA60 celica or some model Corona. The Strut says: TOYOTA JAPAN, JY-30S The caliper says: B, 4XF, 2204 This is all from the R side strut
  15. MartyJ

    Ke Auto Build

    Hello Finally I have gained some motivation and time to start my build! I will have pictures coming soon. This blog is mainly so I have a record of what my car has been thru with me haha Cheers and welcome to my build.
  16. hey guys ive got it on the rollaclubs main site http://www.rollaclub...nsmission-swap/
  17. hey everyone I'm doing a auto to manual transmission swap and I got the transmission of a guy and I only just realized that it doesn't have any of the transmission wiring. Does anyone have a diagram of the loom so i could make one up or anyone know where I can get a wiring loom for the transmission? looking for the wiring in the photo, not the clutch cable, I have that. I'm literal ready to put it in and I don't have the thing to make it run, the wires. so please help someone.
  18. I bought this KE70 october last year (2015), and tought id make a build thread now. Its been a year and i have done some modifications to it. Gotten a lot of help looking at different threads here on Rollaclub, so thougt i'd just publish it. A little warning tho, I'm not a professional mechanic and I'm kinda learning as i go, I've had mopeds that I've worked on and a bmw that i kept ''hellastock''. So yeah I've gradually moved on to what in my eyes are more difficult things. And i have gotten a lot of help from my father who is a mechanic. Thought id just make a fast foward in pictures and some comments from when i bought it to where it sits now. Bought it like this, from a 60-70 year old man who inherited the car when his father died 10 years ago. it had 63 000kms on it. It has some body rust as far as i can see, the previous owner did some not that good rust repair with fiberglass, sikaflex and non color coded silver paint :huh: Drove it home, here parked next to my bmw i had at the time. An acquaintance of mine had some typically ''Jdm rims'' that i could try on the car, many of them were too wide but there were some ssr mesh that seemed like a good size. The car seemed even higher on these wheels, in the second picture he jumped into the trunk. :P Thought it looked a lot better now tho :D Had a little fun :laff: Stock 4k-C painted the top of the airfilter Changed the steeringwheel and added some other bits, the keychain thingy turned out to be super annoying so i took that down. And i changed the original radio for a more modern Pioneer with aux :) Winter hit! :D Ssr's are off and stock winter wheels are on And it hit harder.... got some rust over this winter, In the winter theres a lot of salt on norwegian roads :no: Never had any problems starting in the morning tho! Decided to remove the black trim along the sides of the car. Looked better in my opinion, but some of the glue is stil on the car, havent gotten some of it off yet. In the front some glue even ripped the paint off 8S This one might get a little hate.. but i changed the rear muffler, its not too loud idling and on lower rpm, but is way too laud on higher, gonna install another muffler in front of it afterwards. Wanted speakers in the rear too, the original material behind the seats were way too thin to hold two speakers, so i made a new plate out of wood, after the picture was taken i stapled black cloth around it, looks lowkey. sad I don't have a picture of that. I ended up buying those Ssr's and got them powdercoated in candy red, when the light hit them at the correct angle they glow :) On the car Wanted to lower it so i bought a complete suspesion from another ke70, thinking I'd just chop that set, never liked the idea of chopped springs tho. But then a coilover set for a carina TA60 popped up and i bought them, very bad condition tho. Installed some fender mirrors and made a bracket for where the old mirrors sat. Also got myself a lip, The lip is powdercoated so it's not the same color nor metallic, but it was free I'm probably going to paint the whole car afterwards anyway :) The coilovers got sandblasted and had ordered some ae86 5.1kg rear springs from technotoytuning and some kyb ae86 schock inserts for the coilovers. All of it is getting powdercoated black for the max stealthyness :D Ran into a problem with the shock inserts, the ae86 schocks were a bit longer than the TA60, we ended up cutting out the bottom of the tube and welding it in further down. And that meant installing it was next, me and my father did this over a weekend :) got some rear Koni adjustable rear shocks for the te71 for the rear. And had to buy new calipers becouse it just wouldnt be cheaper to rebuild the original ones. Old vs new rear springs Coilover refurbished Back and front wheelwells now Lowered in the rear, got an original Hella grill straight from the 80's :D Lowered onto the ground had to roll the rear fenders, a lot. :D This is how it sits now, the car got really stiff and the original seats just bounce you around, so i went ahead and bought a k sport seat. Its used but it seems to be in okey condition and i got new seat rails :) haven't figured out how to mount it yet tho, the KE70 have a wierd way to mount the orinial seat. So if anyone have done that before and have any tips about that id apreciate it :)
  19. Hi all, This is my first post and I'm kinda new around here but I thought I'd start documenting my 1981 Toyota Corolla Ke70 build and everything else that comes along with it :wasted: So i bought my little poo brown corolla about a month or two down in Gosford (I live in Sydney) with around 69XXX genuine kms on it off some dude looking like dis, high in the air, but on stock steelies: It was in pretty good condition bar a few dings, had close to no rust, deep dish steering wheel, new alloy radiator and started and ran! Had a pretty dodgy drive back home as the thing pretty much didnt have brakes :wave: I wish I took photos of them but it was metal on metal and looked like it had been that way for a long while... Anyway got her home and did a few things like changed the sludge (oil) in the old 4K motor, did all new pads, shoes, drums etc, the rear shocks were blown so I put some cheap shit ones in to get me through, cut 2 coils out of each of the springs for dope appeal, a AJPS adjustable panhard rod and put some 13x7" shoes on her and thats how she sits up until today: Lovin the roof racks and the granny spec louvre :lovin: After installing the Ae71 Tacho Dash, I cut the dash and centre console to fit 3 52mm gauges (which I haven't gotten around to buying yet... no real point) a double din touch screen Head deck. Also installed some 4inch speakers in the front and 6x9inch speakers in the rear. Purple Haze (Y) I decided i would focus on the suspension and brake work first while i find, buy and build an engine. so i started buying and saving a fairly long list of parts so i could put everything in in one go as it is my daily driver so..... (HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK!) Anyway, heres what I've bought suspension wise so far: Suspension Parts List Weld on Coilover Sleve Kit (AJPS I believe) Cusco Camber Tops 8kg coils Bilstien dampers Ae86 Hubs and Vented and slotted rotors JDM Ae86 Callipers rebuild with all new seals and pots Braided lines XT130 LCA rebuilt with superpro bushes and new balljoints Ae86 P/S knuckles AJPS RCA's Hardrace Castor Arms TRD Ae86 18mm Rear Swaybar SRI front Strut Brace AJPS tie rod ends, rack rends, rack boots, lock spacer Every front end Superpro bush 6kg Rear coils BC racing rear spring seats (Eventually) Bilstien dampers in the rear All this shit is waiting ready to go and i can't wait to post again with some actual build photos and progress! :thumbsup: :rocknroll:
  20. MartyJ


    Only thing changed since i bought it are the rims.
  21. Hi all, I have a strange rattle I cannot diagnose. I drive a Ke74 Corolla, 5kj engine and T40 box, there is a rattle when decelerating. I can't tell if it is coming from the drivetrain or the engine... it only seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear, when decelerating and completely off throttle between 4000 - 3000rpm. Adding a little throttle or clutch in ever so slightly and the noise goes away. Could it be a lean condition when off throttle? A bearing in the gearbox? Cheers for any input, Ol.
  22. Soooo, I'm buying a ke70 soon and I plan on putting a 3sgte in it. Is this a difficult swap and how much will it cost me in parts that aren't the engine itself?
  23. Hey guys, got myself some 3.5kg 200FL AJPS springs for the rear of my KE70, paired up with KYB short stroke shocks. Now I've read as much as I can and most of what I've read states you need to install an adjustable panhard rod after lowering your ke70. I was curious as to if I just want to drive it around for a few weeks before I buy one from AJPS, would It even drive? Be safe? What happens if I don't run a panhard rod at all? Or can I just use the stock rod for now before I buy it? Still learning guys so go easy! Cheers in advance.
  24. Hi all, I have two issues with my 87 Toyota Corolla "Ke74" that I am fairly certain are drivetrain related. This is a T40 gearbox. When I bought the car 6 months ago the seller told me the clutch had recently been replaced with a new heavy duty unit. Firstly: In 4th gear, there is a rattling sound under load, ie, accelerating up hills, or decelerating downhill (no accelerator). The sound stops when the clutch is depressed even slightly. Secondly: When shifting on a bumpy road, the bumps can be felt within the transmission. It is like the the internals of the transmission are moving, blocking me from shifting into gear. This one really has me scratching my head. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi guys I came a cross a old 1981 Toyota corolla 1.3GL 4K still in running condition. I bought it sorted out some engine problems it had now I am stuck with the Wiring I have downloaded all the wiring diagrams i could find on this forum and on the internet. I am not a mechanic or anything of the sort I don't know much about cars or it electrical and can't even make out the diagrams as my rolla is right hand drive and some of the wires on the diagrams does not match up to mine. I am having issues with all my lights, headlights, indicators, dash lights, stoplights, reverse light and even the number plate lights in not working. I replaced all the fuses(new) i could find on all the fuse boxes all three fuse boxes on in the engine bay one in the dashboard and the one the side wall panel next to my excel pedal.replaced all the bulbs, checked if they were all earth properly as i read in other posts, still no luck. however the dash lights came on green in color when i put the lights on side indicators started working but flashing rapidly, and it also shows the blue high beam light on the dash when i switch it to brights. but no lights are working. So now i am sitting with any front or rear light only a green lit dash cluster and side indicators. Please if anyone could explain to me what is wrong and how i can fix this I will be great full. I also tried taking it to a shop to repair but they want to charge me a arm and leg to fix this for that kinda money i could buy another one lol :elvis:
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