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  1. Hi all, I have a strange rattle I cannot diagnose. I drive a Ke74 Corolla, 5kj engine and T40 box, there is a rattle when decelerating. I can't tell if it is coming from the drivetrain or the engine... it only seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear, when decelerating and completely off throttle between 4000 - 3000rpm. Adding a little throttle or clutch in ever so slightly and the noise goes away. Could it be a lean condition when off throttle? A bearing in the gearbox? Cheers for any input, Ol.
  2. Soooo, I'm buying a ke70 soon and I plan on putting a 3sgte in it. Is this a difficult swap and how much will it cost me in parts that aren't the engine itself?
  3. Hey guys, got myself some 3.5kg 200FL AJPS springs for the rear of my KE70, paired up with KYB short stroke shocks. Now I've read as much as I can and most of what I've read states you need to install an adjustable panhard rod after lowering your ke70. I was curious as to if I just want to drive it around for a few weeks before I buy one from AJPS, would It even drive? Be safe? What happens if I don't run a panhard rod at all? Or can I just use the stock rod for now before I buy it? Still learning guys so go easy! Cheers in advance.
  4. Hi guys I came a cross a old 1981 Toyota corolla 1.3GL 4K still in running condition. I bought it sorted out some engine problems it had now I am stuck with the Wiring I have downloaded all the wiring diagrams i could find on this forum and on the internet. I am not a mechanic or anything of the sort I don't know much about cars or it electrical and can't even make out the diagrams as my rolla is right hand drive and some of the wires on the diagrams does not match up to mine. I am having issues with all my lights, headlights, indicators, dash lights, stoplights, reverse light and even the number plate lights in not working. I replaced all the fuses(new) i could find on all the fuse boxes all three fuse boxes on in the engine bay one in the dashboard and the one the side wall panel next to my excel pedal.replaced all the bulbs, checked if they were all earth properly as i read in other posts, still no luck. however the dash lights came on green in color when i put the lights on side indicators started working but flashing rapidly, and it also shows the blue high beam light on the dash when i switch it to brights. but no lights are working. So now i am sitting with any front or rear light only a green lit dash cluster and side indicators. Please if anyone could explain to me what is wrong and how i can fix this I will be great full. I also tried taking it to a shop to repair but they want to charge me a arm and leg to fix this for that kinda money i could buy another one lol :elvis:
  5. Hey RollaCLUB Fans ^_^ This is my corolla, my daily. I love this car so much its a great daily/weekend cruiser. Its running a 5k apart from that its pretty stock. This wont be a crazy build thread, prob just randoms pics n lite mods. [Old rims,old pic] I got some new rims over the last few weeks. Has nice dish too ^_^ Front: SSR Star Sharks 14x7 -2. with 165/65 tyres Rear: Enkei AP Racing 13x7 -1. with 175/70 tyres
  6. Had a few ke's before but never a registered one. So taking some parts from my 82 model to fix this APR 84 ive decided to build. Picked this car up from Toowoomba with 225xxxkm's on the clock. Just a little 4k Auto. The interior is just immaculate! I fell in love with it and for $700 I couldn't complain. Log Books and receipts for the last 11 Years. The grandma took good care! Receipts showed she had only done 7000kms in those years and that the car was originally from South Australia. Plans are to get her on the road. I have the parts to make it a 5 speed but I love getting a laugh out of people when I talk it up as having a 3 speed tri-matic haha. Also could go with Quad headlights as I have those laying around as well but we will see! Got started on the KE on Saturday just been. Took out the struts and LCA's with no dramas. Put the xt130 LCA's in and adjusted the caster arm to match. Problem was I couldn't release the tie rod end... My mechanic helped me out yesterday (Monday) so I got those adjusted. Everything was smooth again doing wheel bearings and cleaning up the rotors until I found out that the strut tops on the 82 model were 5mm different to the 84.. Oh well now I need to compress the spring and change the tops. (Only thing changed since I got the car are the rims and tires as I sold the old jelly beans and bought MA61's with Yokohama Advan A50 Semi slicks!!!)
  7. Hello guys/gals. I was wondering if anyone got a parts diagram? Redid my brakes today and then i can't figure out where this last pin go... And yes, i have put the firest one, thus the other pins :P Thanks for the help! Kind regards, Daniel
  8. Hi guys, have a 1980 ke55 and I just took the motor out and replaced it with one from a ke70 while using the ke55 cam, carb, distributor, head etc. Has new coil, points, condenser, cap, rotor, leads, seals, headgasket etc. Timing set to 8degrees btdc, points set to 0.4mm, valve clearances set cold. Starts fairly easily and can rev in neutral easily like it used to but if i give the accelerator a few jabs it dies until it returns to idle, also when I take it for a test drive it doesn't want to rev easily and dies when I go over around 3000rpm. Just wondering if you guys can give me some tips or what your thoughts are on the problem and how to fix it? First time posting on here so hope this is the right section, thanks.
  9. Hi Guys me again Got my ke70 riding perfect, now it can't stop :oops: (little to well if you ask me). So i figured i should check and replace my brakes. ;) now after replacing all round brake shoes and linings, Master Cylinder(as it was leaking by the connection to the booster), and new brake fluid, bleeding the brakes ect. I found that my handbrake works 100% :thumbsup: but my brake pedal is not? :down: now after bleeding about 1 liter of brake fluid through the system until the fluid that comes out of the system is as clean as it when in at all four bleeder screws, the brake pedal is halfway up and does not hit the brake switch not a problem but there is no brakes on the car when i drive i have to pump the pedal and use the e-brake to get the car to stop. if it stands an ideals and i pump the brakes it dies. :bash: could this mean i have to replace my brake booster :rant: , or do i need to bleed the brakes while the car is running. :hmm: please help with this.
  10. ke70 toyota corolla 1987 I've seen alot of topics on this issue but my issue is about reading the diagrams and wiring too the earth points? I can't understand them at all and I'm pretty sure its the earthing or the switchs around the steering wheel. So first the headlights stop working and we tested the loom and the bulbs and nothing seemed out of the ordinary then we took the fuse box out from besides the peddle and noticed it had water residue and had rusted a bit inside so we took it apart and cleaned it up. We plugged the fuse box back in and this is when every thing went A-wall, I decided it may have been the fuse box so i bought a new one but it had exactly same problems. All the threads I've been reading is 9/10 pointing towards bad earthing, i.e not being connected or old earthing having corrosion and needing cleaning. Now I'm a complete novice so these diagrams every one links make no sense to me, is there a basic map of the earthing in the car some where that I'm missing ? I know of the 1 from the Battery to the chassis but thats as far as i can see. Thanks.
  11. picked this up a few weeks ago, just put fresh rego on it nd am currently in the process of prepping for an in your face paint job.. picking up rims for it this weekend too.
  12. Hi all, Just after a little guidance/ assistance. Now I have used the search function and it has not helped, hence the questions. The KE70 I have has a standard 4K-C and carby on it. I'm about to put a carby kit through the carby and clean the damn thing, as the car will not idle and I suspect that the idle circuit in the carb is blocked or there is a restriction. Now I have checked the timing without vaccum assist and its at 8 degrees, cleaned the points, spark plugs and dizzy cap and rotor button. The valve clearance have been just adjusted, I have replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the fuel line between the tank and filter with compressed air. I have replaced the fuel line between the fuel pump and fuel filter and I have clean the fuel line between the carb and fuel pump. Now reading the Toyota engine manual, under tune up it talks about removing the vac line to the HIC valve and block the hose and remove the var line to the Air Injection check valve and plug the vac line. Now for the life of me or its my dyslexic day I am trouble finding both of these. I am assuming that HIC = High Idle Control, now the only check valve that seem to replicate this is a green valve that attaches to the air cleaner on the passenger side of the vehicle. Is this it ???? And I have no Idea where the Hell the AI check valve is ??.......... I can see the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve but from my experience these are usually 2 different things. One channels exhaust gasses back into the engine the other usually pump air into the exhaust like what was found on the Holden VK commodore black 202 engines. I have upload the page I'm referring to in the manual below. Thanks in advance. Cheers Luke
  13. Hello everyone, Well ive been on here for a while reading other peoples builds and otherstuff, and last year in october after looking for a ke70 for awhile I found a alright one and so went round and had a look, the shell looks and was told its pretty rust free, So at 15 i decided to buy it for $1400 i paid $1000 to much but i was impatient and already looked at about 8 others and this was the best i spose, Cause i didnt have my L's or anything Me and my parents went to pick it up, battery was pretty screwed but still was able to jump start it and on the way home the car stalled it on top of a hill luckily, so ofcourse dad stayed in the car and i got out and had to push it around a corner and down the hill, Dad started it and sped up so i had to sprint and jump in the car haha, we later found out the throttle wasnt fully attached and the starter motor is screwed Anyway enough of that, The car's got a 4k and 5 speed and locked diff which is coming out while I get used to the car, Its black but painted dodgey as and can tell the original colour is red.. crappy ghetto as flaired front and rear guards, with stockies, bonnets got some stupied as scoop, The car is just missing a red light under the bonnet and it would be kit from nightrider as dad says. The interior is the worst ive ever seen its got every different colour interior it could have and cracked dash and what everything is bad inside the car. So since ive bought the car ive been buying bits and piece's using my Maccas salary i earn :) so now ive got plently of parts. Plans: Stripping it back to a bare shell and restarting Respray Bayside blue from r34 skyline Make all the interior match 15x8 wheels And make a clean as street car Theres a few new parts going on the car and i can't be bothered posting so ill you'll find out when there on, but heres some pictures of it, try not laugh :)
  14. Hey there, on 1/05/2015 I bought my first ke70 for 1k Came with rb20det aswell which i sold for 450 regoed :D This car had a fair bit of issues. Epic JDM slammed stance look that everybody loves c: well aleast people did on car curises did. Nice rims worth more than the whole car tbh Battery in boot diy job So cops didn't like my slanced and rotary sounding car much. Gave me this golden ticket. :***( for too low too low no tead lol c: Took to pits to see if i could get an extension denied :*( but now i know whats i need done. Long list c: guess the car wasn't too low ? lol Also tint to dark my ass lol Saw this bad boy Flat front for sale on the gumtrees so picked her up for 300 bucks OMG excellent condition apart from rust c: fyi its not registered aha Perfect leather inside perfect engine is great exhaust is great just the rust in boot and rear guards i need to fix also 1 mirror? I swaped my rims and mirrors to this beast for now. I took it offroading aswell on a permit 4x4 so much fun ahaha. I'll update with more pics
  15. Hey everyone, though id do a build thread of my ke project, maybe get some advice along the way and get more involved in the community Building it for drift use only, not engineering it for roadworthy purposes Bought it fairly stock, had an s13 front suspension and coilovers and that was it First thing i did was remove the diff centre to weld, got it all welded up but unfortuantly broke on of the spacers between the diff bearing and the housing trying to get it back in Had a real hard time trying to find one to replace it, decided to buy a mates vl commodore that was in a front end crash for $100 for the read end, got the mounts welded onto it and went in pretty well, wheels slightly off centre but easily fixed with a spacer when i measure it up for one. Currently drum brakes on it, will do the VN rear disc conversion soon. also ran into a problem with the rear springs when my dad threw them out thinking they where out of the vl, luckily the front springs off the ke where a good fit to temporarily have it on all 4 wheels to get it into the shed Fitment with out the springs looked sick, unfortunately guards where literally on the tyres Next step i took out the 4k and Got an engine mount from Jordanrolla to fit my 240kw s15 sr20det with s15 6 speed gearbox witch i will be test fitting this week some time, make all the holes and get it all mounted right before i take it all out and begin painting s15 driveline, 240 kw with power fc and garret gt2871r crossmember spacers, 20 mm lower then factory also halfway done getting the interior stripped and all the ac and heater equipment removed as i will not need that to go sideways thinking of a purple and white colour scream, purple bay, white exterior and purple interior Thats it for now, will keep this updated with progress as best as i can and try to get a lot of photos!
  16. Hello! Attention: My english is not good, but I hope you get my point I'm 17 years old car enthusiast from Estonia and I'm having a problem with my KE70. This winter something happened with kick panel fuse box, I opened it and saw that some of the circuits (aluminium parts) had blown. It melted the plastic around the circuits and the fuse box is now a pretty big mess :D, so I don't know which circuits to solder and which not. I would be very thankful if someone, who has the same fuse box, would disassemble it and take pictures of different layers there. I found possible problem and fixed all the wiring harness, so I don't think that the circuits blow again. I would buy new fuse box, but probably I'm only KE70 owner in Estonia(so there are not any parts for sale) and shipping from Australia would be very expensive. Best wishes, Madis
  17. Hey guys, I put some front coilovers into my ke70 over the weekend which are made from 51mm corona struts, however the right hand one has a bit of play which causes a knocking noise whenever I drive it, which feels to be coming from the bearing on the camber top. I'm also getting some spring binding on both coilovers which is not really a massive problem but kind of annoying. Any ideas of how to fix these issues? Thanks Ben
  18. Hey guys, I'm after some parts for my new 1984 Ke70.If anyone has these parts please get in contact because i am more than keen on these parts.I am after bumper bars for the front and back of the slant front ke70.I am also after some taillights. -Cheers.
  19. Hey all, I have recently come into possession of an 1984 model ke70 and the starter motor has seemed to have a pretty hard life and has decided to give out. So now I'm chasing a starter motor for it, I have called up all the local wreckers and haven't been able to come across anything except an ae82 with a 4ac. I was wondering if the starter motor off this would fit my 4k or would even the internals swap over into the 4k starter motor? Thanks for any help
  20. Hello everyone, new to this site, old to Corolla's Where should I begin....... I guess it all started about six years ago; I was thinking about which way I wanted to go with my TE72 project. I kept dreaming of a 4A-GE swap (just like everyone else). Suddenly, like lighting striking my brain, it came to me! I’ll swap in a 5M-GE from an early 80’s Supra. I started doing some research to make sure it was possible to stick the inline 6 under the hood. I managed to find two blurry photos of 7M-GTE’s in TE72’s. That was more than enough proof for me. First I needed to find a running supra to swap the parts from. I searched and searched, but was always disappointed, because each car would be missing a critical element to my swap. Once, I even got a flat bed trailer and drove 45 miles away to pick up a supra. Only to find out that it was an automatic. Thumbs down! But finally, after months of searching, a customer at my store offered to sell me his old wrecked supra. He had a 1985 P type, powered by a 5M-GE and delivered through a 5speed gear box. The next day, I drove out to inspect the car. He had told me that everything had just been replaced, fresh low miles motor from Japan, four brand new tires, and all new fluids and services. But only one week after everything was finished, it got T-boned by some blonde on the phone. He said it was totaled and could not be driven. I braced myself for the worst…. When I saw the car for the first time, I said to myself; the damage must be on the other side of the car, because this side looks great. But then after seeing the other side I said; maybe the damage was on the first side. The car looked way better than he described! I knew right then that this was the perfect car for my project. I’m going to take my time on this swap. There are lots of details to cover, and many steps that need to be remembered. I want this log to be a useful step by step tool for anyone else who is thinking about a swap similar to this. Please be patient with this work log, I have I feeling it will take me along time to finish this project. Here is my TE72: Here is the Supra parts car: ******* I started this project by removing the hood from my TE72. I figured it would be in the way, and this helps lots of light reach those hard to see areas. Next, I removed the battery, the washer bottle, and radiator overflow tank. coil and all the vacuum control stuff are the next to go. Then I drained the radiator. And removed the hoses: Then I removed the radiator attachment bolts. There is one bolt on either side of the radiator. After the bolts are out. The radiator pulls out with little/ no effort.
  21. I'm after a couple of nicely done-up KE70's for my wedding cars. Please get in touch if you're in Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle region and would be interested. Josh - 0422 five nine two 507
  22. Hi there, What are the options that we have to upgrade a KE20/25 front suspension. 1. Which crossmembers can we use, KE30 or KE70 or KP61?? 2. What are the shortest LCAs that can be used on a KE20?? Are there any shorter than KE70?? I am busy designing a rack & pinion setup for my car. I have installed a starlet rack in but as it is wider therefore bumpsteer issues Temporary fix - Drop the car as much as possible - Less movement less bumpsteer. Currently drives excellent on flat roads with small bumps. . Out of all the crossmembers I have seen, the ke30 looks the easiest swap. My current track width is R LCA + L LCA + Inter LCA distance = 320mm + 320mm + 493mm = 1133mm If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE70 LCAs 300+300+520 = 1120mm (1.3 cm Narrower) OR If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE30 LCAs 310+310+520 = 1140mm (0.7 cm wider) Would any of these be a better start in rack and pinion conversion??
  23. So I have a KE70 1981 Toyota Corolla SR5 which is mainly stock. My springs are pretty soft seeing as they've been the same one for the last 34 years and 140,000 km. I was wondering if it would be a decent idea to go down to a pick and pull and just grab some decent ones off of a dead car or if I should bite the bullet and just buy coilovers. I just find that the car leans a lot to the outer on turning and would like a quick fix for that.
  24. Well, this is my ke70. It had already been converted to 2 door before I purchased it. I bought it as a rolling shell and was going to put a 4age in it and as a short term project to get her on the track quickly, but things have changed and it has turned into a much bigger project.
  25. I always like having a big battery in my cars. If you ever run into carby troubles you can easily flatten a small standard battery trying to start it, or if your alternator or wiring isn't fantastic then it can give you a bit of extra juice before you go flat. It's also handy for the times you build an engine and crank it without ignition to get oil through it. I measured up the battery tray and room available in my KE30, went down to Autobarn and looked at what they had on the shelf. I went from a standard MF43 battery (238Wx138Dx186H) with 360CCA to a SuperCharge MF52 (237Wx171Dx182H) with 650CCA. Fits perfectly with a new 7" battery clamp. I started a new page on the wiki for batteries: http://www.rollaclub..._Series/Battery (inb4 someone criticises me for adding 4.5kg of sprung weight to the front of my car)
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